Meet-Brittany J

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Brittany J Jones

I was first introduced to sewing when I was around 10 years old. My mother decided one day she was going to teach herself how to sew. I always find that funny to think I did the same thing years later! In 2013, I found myself in need of a major hobby. Being a military spouse, and mother of three (at that time) I had lost myself in being everything to everybody and became really depressed. I didn’t think sewing was the magic answer but I decided to give it a try. The gratifying feeling I got from finishing my first maxi skirt hooked me! I went from maxi skirts to pajamas, to robes, and pillows. I fell completely in love with sewing and I haven't stopped since. I'm so grateful for all the amazing opportunities that I now have from continuing with something I love, like being a sewing instructor at Sew It Academy and the Co-Owner of Melanated Fabrics. What I love most is that I get to encourage and inspire beginners and connect with amazing people that love sewing just as much as I do!

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