The Cricut Ecosystem
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The Cricut Ecosystem
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Cricut enthusiast and educator Kesley Anderson walks you through the family of Cricut machines, materials and tools. Get an overview of the variety of cutting machines Cricut offers and their extensive capabilities. In this class you'll take a look at Cricut's Design Space where you can browse existing projects or make your own. Learn about the varieties of cutting mats, essential tools as well as the materials you can cut like vinyl, fabric, paper and more. Kesley also introduces you to the range of Easy Press machines so you can select the right one for your project. This class is an excellent resource if you're considering purchasing a Cricut machine for your crafting or are curious about explanding your craft room to include more tools and accessories from the Cricut Ecosystem. 
Learn how to:
  • Select the right Cricut for your crafting project
  • How to access and work in Cricut Design Space
  • When and how to use an Easy Press machine
  • An overview of vinyls and materials you can use with a Cricut machine
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The Cricut Ecosystem Reviews
161 users recommended this class to a friend
V Carpenter
Great introduction to Cricut product line.
2 days ago
Michelle M. Henderson
Great introduction to the Cricuit, Design Space, and heat presses. Next I need a good class on Design Space, it seems complicated.
3 days ago
Patricia Knapp
Great overview of the Cricut system, showing features of each machine.
3 days ago