Sarah Bond: A Legacy of Quilt Making
CBTV | 3 min 32 sec
Sarah Bond: A Legacy of Quilt Making
Quilter Sarah Bond has a special, deep relationship to quilting. After learning how to quilt nearly 40 years ago, she discovered an extensive family heritage of quilting, specifically from her foremothers Jane Arthur Bond, Ruth Clement Bond, and Louvinia Clarkson. Learn how she was inspired by the work of her foremothers and how it contributed to the evolution of her intricate, colorful style. 

Stay tuned for quilting classes from Sarah Bond releasing later this year. You can also find Sarah on instagram here
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Class Reviews
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Beverly Bach
Loved the creative quilt patterns!
4 days ago
Margaret Mitchell
Sarah Bond really is a great instructor. Her chance to connect with sewing ancestors tells a story few can. Talent passed in the genes???? I have read of quilt making that served to aid those during the Civil War wanting to travel north. What a history that should be told.
March 15
Desiree Smith
I want soooooo much more information and courses from this woman. Entirely too short!
March 12