Oil Pastel Exploration: 1/3/17
CBTV | 26 min 2 sec
Chapter 1
Courtney demystifies working with oil pastels and teaches some cool techniques along the way. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on January 3, 2017.
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Class Reviews
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Great starter class if you know nothing about oil pastels or want to learn to blend them
March 10
Jen B
Learned a lot and can now use the oil pastels that have been sitting on my shelf, thank you!
More than 3 months ago
Michele Dickson
I love learning new things revolving around Arch and artistic tendencies. I myself am very creative and since I joined our creativebug I have been watching many different classes I'm wondering if you wouldn't do a class all on watercolor pencils watercolor coloured pencils rather sorry I'm using a microphone. I'm enjoying creativebug very much!
More than 3 months ago