Iced Fall Cookies: 11/16/17
CBTV | 21 min 41 sec
Chapter 1
Liana and Courtney team up to and use Wilton gel colors and royal icing to make psychedelic leaf-shaped cookies. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live on November 16, 2017.
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Nicole Wolff
good class but if you want to make it look like real stain glass you chop up hard candy and cut out your cookie dough with a hole in the center of the cookie dough and put in the hard candy in the center then bake the cookie and the candy together and then when it comes out it looks like stain glass! love the class would like to see more like this
More than 3 months ago
Olivia Tippett
It was too long and they did not say how to bake them
More than 3 months ago
Laura Fazio
Needed more info on how to make the cookies and the icing.
More than 3 months ago