Finger Knit a Trivet: 3/28/19
Beginner | 28 min 36 sec
Anne Weil stops by the studio to demonstrate how to make a functional trivet using cotton sash cord. This video originally appeared live March 28, 2019. Please be advised that this giveaway is now closed.
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Class Reviews
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Ruthanna Jeter
I learned a new "trick" today, and will enjoy discovering more about Finger Knitting.
More than 3 months ago
Carole Wehn
Simple pretty and practical. The book Weaving within Reach is great
More than 3 months ago
Christine G Reardon
I have arthritis in my hands and carpal tunnel. I've found that I can use my hands without knitting needles and crochet hooks so I began using the loopy yarn to make blankets for toddlers. This video class has open new doors for me. I look forward to purchasing your book and additional videos. Thank you.
More than 3 months ago