August Lookbook // 2020
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What will you make this August? Watch this quick promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases and summer favorites. Find the entire class series here
August Lookbook // 2020
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August Lookbook // 2020
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August Lookbook // 2020
What will you make this August? Watch this quick promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases and summer favorites. Find the entire class series here
Make Art Where You Are: A Daily Practice
Courtney Cerruti
Artist and author Courtney Cerruti provides an in-depth look into her tool kit for capturing the essence of a place and your personal impressions of everything you see around you. From a five-minute blind contour drawing to mixing a color palette of your surroundings, find opportunities to draw, make marks, and paint while you are on the move or in your own home. Courtney will share her favorite ways to use colored pencil, watercolor, and brush marker pens to create evocative sketches. Even if you only have five minutes, she encourages you to seize the moment for making art every single day.
Patchwork Landscape Wall Hanging
Leslie Schucker
Capture the beauty of a mountain landscape in a quilted, geometric wall hanging that bursts with color. Quilt instructor and life-long textile lover Leslie Shucker serves as your gentle guide as you craft a wall hanging of your own. Learn how to cut out fabric shapes using an EZ Quilting template, assemble and sew the patchwork landscape, then lightly quilt all the layers together. Switch the color palette to cooler tones for a moonlit night scene, or go neutral or monochrome to suit your own color mood. Leslie's design includes a hanging tube for a wooden dowel so that you can display your masterpiece for all to enjoy.
From Inspiration to Creation
Lauren Hooper
Draw endless inspiration from a single photograph in this iterative class with artist and avid art journal Lauren Hooper. She demonstrates how shapes, colors, motifs and movement can be gleaned and recorded. Then, artistically translate the marks you’ve made into a watercolor painting, an embroidered piece, and an art journal spread. Lauren’s simple and insightful instruction encourages you to keep the creativity flowing long after the class ends.
Glue 102: Working With Fibers
Twinkie Chan
With so many glues available it can be hard to find the perfect one for your project. Luckily, artist Twinkie Chan (aka Stephanie Lee) has done the work for you. After spending years making wearable crocheted art, she’s here to share the essential adhesives from her craft kit. She’ll explain how to attaching porous and non-porous materials to fiber, how to work with metal, and the best glues for attaching plastic to fibers.
Sewing Essentials: The Gemma Top
Rae Hoekstra
Kicky and classic, this sleeveless top from Made By Rae has you covered for warm-weather wearing. Video instructions are included for the classic tank and a ruffle-bottom variation which uses elastic thread to create even gathers. Each version shown here features a double-rolled hem and bias-tape finished neck and armholes. The Gemma top stitches up quickly and will be a favorite addition to your sewing repertoire.
Rosita Quilt Design
Kaffe Fassett
Be a fly on the wall as Kaffe mocks up a quilt design in his London studio. In this workshop, Kaffe talks about how to work within a rich color palette to create a light-dark zig-zag illusion, as well as how to work with solids and striped fabrics to create motifs from diamond shapes. This workshop shows Kaffe’s process but does not show sewing – a complementary workshop is coming soon showing how to cut and piece this design.

Crochet a Rag Rug
Cal Patch
Learn how to make a traditional crocheted rag rug with Cal Patch. Rag rugs are a great opportunity to use up recycled fabrics like old bed sheets and T-shirts. In this class, Cal shares expert tips on how to shred the fabric intro strips and connect them to make one continuous “yarn” for crocheting. Once you’ve learned the chain stitch and single crochet stitch, you’ll work in spirals to create a round or oval rug.
Hand-Stamped Tote Bag with Leather Handles
Jen Hewett
This adorable handbag is the ultimate personalized accessory. Printmaker and surface designer, Jen Hewett, shows you how to create simple stamps and print custom fabric. She then shows you how easy it is to sew a tote using your hand-stamped fabric. French seams and riveted leather handles create a professional finishing touch. 
Art Journaling with Gelatos
Mou Saha
Mou Saha loves to make mixed media art with gelatos (and no, we’re not talking about ice cream). Gelatos are watercolor sticks that come in chapstick-like tubes, perfect for creating richly layered art journal pages. Mou begins this class by showing how to create a vibrant background using collage and stamps, then she creates patterns and depth with gelatos and stencils to build unexpected designs. Create a focal point on each page with drawings and add text layers with paint or a brush tip marker. By the end of this class, you’ll have the skills you need to create fanciful pages bursting with color and texture. 
Nature Pals
Kata Golda
These charming nature pals are perfect for little hands to grab onto and cherish. They’re made from wool felt, which doesn’t fray so it’s forgiving to work with and lovely to the touch. Alison from Kata Golda imbues these tiny critters with big personalities through her imaginative details. She shows how to sew them with a combination of hand stitching and machine sewing, in each design so you can create a trio of the plush, adorable nature pals. Make a Woodland Wall Hanging to make them a cozy home!  BUY THE KIT
Cricut Crafts: Print-Then-Cut Flair Pins
Amber of Damask Love
Spruce up your denim jacket with DIY flair pins! Amber of Damask Love shows how easy it is to whip up a batch of pins using any artwork in the Cricut Design Space and your Cricut Maker. The “print-then-cut” feature and knife blade tool make it super easy to cut precise shapes from basswood, and then Amber shows you how to paint and assemble your pins.
Treasure Hunt Your Artistic Style: A 10-Day Guide
Lilla Rogers
In this fun and energetic 10-day course, Lilla Rogers shows you how to find your authentic artistic style by making a multitude of tiny and huge discernments. From playful exercises to mark-making experiments, Lilla encourages you to approach art with an open mind and tune into what makes your heart beat faster. As an agent, author, and artist with decades in the illustration licensing business, Lilla knows how to sniff out style. At the end of this 10-day journey, you’ll have a better understanding of who you are as an artist and how you want to be seen by the world.