Sharyn Hanson
., US
I love to sew (quilt, embroider, some knitting). I am definitely obsessed with beautiful fabric. My favorite newsletters are: Shiny Happy World, Missouri Star Quilt and last but not least SotakCo. I have never been very creative but I am good at following directions! However, that being said my goal in life is to be happy with myself, to be kind to others and to always wear my earphones to bebop to my favorite tunes! I have a natural affect of making others smile. I love to workout four days a week so that I can stay healthy; which is a 24 hour a day job!! I have lost 85 pounds and have more to lose. I have been working on shedding those pounds for over a year and sometimes struggle; but the goal is never too far away. I am looking forward to being part of all you "Creative Bugs." Sincerely, Sharyn

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