Laura Ashton
Vernon, BC, Canada
Originally from Victoria B.C. Laura now lives in the North Okanagan of British Columbia. In 2013, Laura was awarded a diploma with distinction from the London Art College in Botanical Painting after completing their diploma program. Laura also completed the U.K. Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) Distance Learning Course in Botanical Painting, which after 27 months of study, she was awarded a diploma with credit. In 2015 Laura was accepted into the Botanical Artists of Canada. Laura sells her original artwork, art prints, stationary items, illustrated textiles and works on commissions.

“I express my passion and love for the natural world through my paintings. Nature is ever evolving and changing, much like our own lives. Life itself would not survive without the intricate cycles of nature, which today are often taken for granted. My calling as an artist is to capture the beauty and diversity of nature in watercolour and connect people with the fascinating and often fragile world of plants and animals. My paintings highlight the details that make each different species so unique”.