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Lizzy House

Lizzy House is a printmaker, fabric designer, author, educator and world traveler. She grew up in Houston, Texas, and has only retained the slightest accent that becomes ever so audibly recognizable when she is a. visiting friends in Texas. b. very tired. c. very angry. d. all of the above. Lizzy earned a BFA in fine art printmaking, and is consequently, really into printmaking. She also had the good fortune of growing up in a home where her single mother, Cherri House, of City Quilts fame, worked for Continental Airlines. Lizzy's unquenchable search for knowledge was met with travel benefits, for which she never took for granted. She also decided as a young child, pre travel benefits, that she would design fabric. She became the youngest textile designer to ever enter the industry, and almost a decade later is still designing fabric. In 2010, Lizzy authored an ebook that changed the face and accessibility of the textile industry. Frustrated with her own search for answers to fulfill a six year olds dream of designing fabric she decided that she didn't want others to struggle as she had, thus, How to Enter the World of Textile Design: for the Quilting Industry came to be. Post travel benefits, she teaches classes all over the world, looks at art all over the world, eats food all over the world, meets wonderful inspiring people all over the world, and sleeps all over the world. She is driven to do these things by a true desire to be good, share good, and above all, grow good wherever she finds herself. Find Lizzy at


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