Watercolor Travel Palette: 4/25/19
CBTV | 33 min 28 sec
Watercolor Travel Palette
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Use tube or stick watercolor and small tins to make a custom travel palette. This video originally appeared live April 25, 2019.
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Watercolor Travel Palette: 4/25/19 Reviews
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Carol Noboa
I got practical ideas on how to make my own palettes in different sizes for different purposes It's a class for beginners but still very useful for intermediates as well.
5 days ago
Agatha Noveille
So many great tips! I loved the idea of using vintage tins to make new palettes!
March 5, 2024
Mareike Fraider
watched it twice, bc it was so much fun. I love to create my own palette and now I know, it is totally normal as an watercolor artist to have many different sets :)
More than 3 months ago