Beginner | 43 min
Taught by Jamie Hudson
Learn how to recreate natural bioluminescence from the depths of the ocean with an LED light and make a fun anglerfish at the same time. Jamie Hudson, a PhD scientist and crafter, gives an introduction to electronics and semiconductors while lighting up the lure on an anglerfish that you'll cut out of basswood on the Cricut Maker. Make a bunch, paint them different colors, and have a disco anglerfish party, finding out about bioluminescence and symbiosis while you're at it.
Learn how to:
  • Make a light-up angler fish out of wood
  • Wire an LED
  • Cut basswood with a Cricut
  • Use Cricut Design Space software

What you'll get:
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons on how to make a light-up anglerfish
  • Three HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list and SVG cutting file
  • Step-by-step instructions by scientist and crafter Jamie Hudson
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

STEAM: Make a Disco LED Anglerfish
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