Knitting Techniques: How to Knit Fast
Beginner | 1 min 8 sec
How to Knit Fast
Knitting speed increases with time and practice of course, but there are other small factors to take into consideration that can affect your knitting speed in a big way. Professional knitter and knitwear designer Carla Scott demonstrates the specific technique she uses to get so many stitches worked up so quickly.
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Patron of Ottawa Public Library
Shows one technique. I would like to see others too
March 2, 2023
lainie Mayfield
didnt teach any thing
February 17, 2023
Lita Schneidmill
she gave one tip, which is fine. I like that fact that she is using English style knitting or "throwing" and still manages to knit quickly. If you want to knit really fast, look for a class on Continental knitting or "picking"
February 6, 2023