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Claire Halford
Awesome class- love the way she's taught all the stitches as part of a larger project :)
1 day ago
Tiffany Hu
i loved this class! Twinkie chan was really clear on every stitch and I had lots of fun!!!! thx creativebug!!
April 1, 2024
Mary Jenn
Thank you so much for he mirrored left hand versions.
March 19, 2024
Sheila Pacholski
great class. I really liked the teacher and different stitches she taught. However, sometimes the angle of the camera prevented me from seeing exactly where to start my stitches in each row. I'm not confident as to where the bottom of the turning chain is and which is the first stitch space so my rows were inconsistent.
March 4, 2024
Kathy Sylvester
This was so fun to just have a quick little sample of SO many different stitches. I am going to teach my granddaughters to do all of these and make their own samplers.
More than 3 months ago