Air Plant Hangers: 8/29/18
CBTV | 32 min 32 sec
Chapter 1
Make a geometric air plant hanger using simple straws and strings. This video originally appeared live August 28, 2018
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Class Reviews
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Kendra Williams
This was a great class! I appreciate that there were two methods demonstrated for assembly. I used neon plastic straws and it turned out nice!
5 days ago
Erin & Leah Swanson
I actually got a kit from my local library, and the instructions were hard for me to understand, so I looked it up on creativebug, and here was something like it! This tutorial helped me complete the craft and it was very well taught!
More than 3 months ago
Rachel York
Very fun. It was a bit hard figuring out how to get some of the knots done, but was able to figure it out!
More than 3 months ago