A Card a Day with Hero Arts
All levels | 3 hours 34 min
A Card a Day with Hero Arts
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Learn basic and advanced card making techniques with longtime Hero Arts educator, Libby Hickson. Over the course of a month, learn how to stamp, emboss, die cut, and embellish like a pro. Make a project every day, beginning with Holiday cards that use methods and materials that can be adapted to cards for every occasion. Libby will guide you through common troubleshooting tips, innovative ways to use materials, and a variety of artistic effects to use on cards and paper projects. All of this inspiration and instruction will give you a jumpstart on making cards for the whole year.
Here’s what you’ll need:
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  • Craft mat
  • Paint palette
  • Black ink pad
  • Blending brushes
  • Acrylic blocks
  • Stamp cleaner spray and scrubber
  • Scoring tool
  • Paper trimmer
  • Die cutting machine
  • Heat tool
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • A2 cards
  • Stylus or other pokey tool
  • Washi tape
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter
  • Spritzing bottle
  • Embossing gun
Day 1:
CM376 Build a Tree
Inks (AF331 Dandelion, AF332 Caramel, AF344 Green Apple, AF435 Intens-ified Black)
Cardstock (PS308 Kiwi, PS325 Dove White)
Tools: acrylic blocks, scoring tool, paper trimmer, Precision Glue, yellow marker, stamp cleaner, scrubbing pad
Day 2:
CM376 Build a Tree
DI678 Build a Tree Frame Cuts
Inks (AF373 Antigua, AF223 Tide Pool, AF246 Mint Julep, AF340 Deep Ocean, AF435 Black)
Cardstock (PS313 Adriatic, PS320 Sand, PS325 Dove White)
Tools: acrylic blocks, die cutting machine, circle die in size of your wreath, washi tape, wire cutters, Precision Glue, pencil, twine, markers to match 2 of your green inks, foam tape, sequins
Day 3:
H6345 From the Vault Real Poppy
CM376 Build a Tree (message)
Tombow Markers in colors 845, 177, n15, 815
Cardstock (white), card base (white, and a strip of black)
Tools: water brush, craft mat, acrylic blocks, paper trimmer, Precision Glue
Day 4:
LP418 Christmas Time Trimmings
Inks (AF335 Crimson, AF343 Moss, AF249 Unicorn White)
Tools: stamp cleaner, scrubbing pad, Kraft wrapping paper, thin gold ribbon
Day 5:
DI656 Paper Layering Poinsettia
DI197 Nesting Tag Dies
Cardstock (PS302 Cranberry, PS309 Pesto, PS306 Canary, PS320 Sand)
Ink: AF435 Intens-ified Black
Tools: die cutting machine, paper trimmer, Precision Glue, Snowfall glitter, thin gold ribbon
Day 6:
CM312 Warm Animals
DI577 Warm Animals Frame Cuts
Tombow markers, Copic markers, colored pencils
House Die Cut, Circle Die Cut
CG792 Cobblestone Bold Print
Cardstock, Icicle glitter
Tools: die cutting machine, scoring tool, acrylic blocks, Precision Glue, foam tape
Day 7:
CG782 Nordic Holiday Bold Prints
CM100 Christmas Messages
Oval Die Cut
AF338 Summer Sky ink
Kraft, Mist, Arctic, White cardstock
Tools: Scratch paper, paper trimmer, foam tape, die cutting machine, acrylic blocks
Day 8:
CG784 Winter Village Peek-a-Boo Cling
DI659 Circular Peek-a-Boo Doors Fancy Die
CM379 Hero Greetings Christmas Messages
Ink (AF249 Unicorn White, AF435 Intens-ified Black)
Cardstock (Pitch Black, Mist, White)
Colored Pencils, glitter, white watercolor
Tools: MISTI, die cutting machine, Precision Glue, water brush
Day 9:
DI662 Snowflake Pattern Cover Plate
CM100 Christmas Messages
Lavender, White cardstock
Black ink, Snowfall glitter,
Tools: die cutting machine, Precision Glue, scratch paper, foam tape, acrylic blocks
Day 10:
DI668 Holiday Message Fancy Die
CM379 Hero Greetings Christmas Messages (snowflake)
Inks (AF431 Thistle, AF428 Splash, NK430 Berry Smoothie Reinker)
Cardstock (Plum, White), watercolor paper
Icicle glitter, sequins
Tools: die cutting machine, water brush, paint palette, blending tools, misting bottle, scratch paper, Precision Glue, acrylic block
Day 11:
DI488 Bird Branches with Frame Fancy Die
CM385 From the Vault Home Scene (message)
Reinkers (NK421 Fruit Punch, NK425 Green Apple, NK423 Lemon Drop, NK433 Fog)
AF435 Intens-ified Black
Watercolor paper, cardstock (White, Sand)
Rose Gold Glimmer Metallic flicked on
Tools: paper trimmer, die cutting machine, twine, water brush, paper towel or towel to clean brush, paint palette, Precision Glue, acrylic blocks, scratch paper
Day 12:
DI661 Snowflake Cluster Fancy Die
CM386 From the Vault Winter Joy (message)
CG786 Noel Print Bold Prints
Ink (AF419 Clear Embossing & Watermark Ink, AF428 Splash Ink)
PW101 Silver Embossing Powder
Tools: heat tool, anti-static tool, blending brush, die cutting machine, tweezers, scratch paper, acrylic block, coffee filter, Precision Glue
Day 13:
CG744 Holiday Foliage Bold Prints
CM374 Color Layering Nordic Tree (message)
AF419 Clear Embossing & Watermark Ink
PW100 Gold Embossing Powder
Cardstock (Dove White, Palm, Gold)
Tools: heat tool, tweezers, anti-static tool, foam squares, scratch paper, coffee filter, Precision Glue
Day 14:
DI540 Merry Christmas Tree Fancy Die
PS762 Acetate Sheets
Cardstock (Woodgrain, PS312 Paradise, Glitter)
Copic marker, star die, sequins, stickers, double stick Fun Foam
Tools: die cutting machine, scratch paper, paper trimmer, anti-static tool, Precision Glue, glitter glue
Day 15:
DI532 Snowflake Edge Fancy Die
DI531 Woodgrain Texture Fancy Die
GM103 Purple & Blue Glimmer Metallic Ink
AF419 Clear Embossing & Watermark Ink
CM279 Polar Greetings (message) DI539 Fancy Ornaments Infinity Dies
PW101 Silver Embossing Powder
PS772 Classic Vellum Layering Paper
CH314 Snow & Berry Sequins
White cardstock or watercolor paper
Tools: paint palette, water brush, die cutting machine, heat tool, scratch paper, Precision Glue, foam tape
Day 16:
CCM331 Color Layering Monarch Butterfly
DI603 Color Layering Monarch Butterfly Frame Cuts
DI595 Abstract Graphic Texture Die
Background Die
AF396 Koi Layering Ink Cubes
Sparkle embossing powder, embossing ink
Bring another butterfly set
White, yellow, and grey cardstock
Tools: MISTI, die cutting machine, washi tape, acrylic block, tweezers, heat tool, foam tape, Precision Glue
Day 17:
DI492 Bold Graphic Confetti Die
CG763 Overlapping Petals stamp
CM335 Hero Greetings Sending Smiles stamp set
Reinkers (NK428 Splash. NK431 Thistle, NK423 Lemon Drop)
Black marker
Black embossing powder, embossing ink
Cardstock (White, Blue, Black)
PS762 Acetate Sheets
CH302 Ombre Blue Sequins
Tools: scoring tool, paper trimmer, Precision Glue, die cutting machine, heat tool, acrylic blocks, paint palette, water brush, scissors, foam squares, acrylic block
Day 18:
DI600 Nesting Butterflies Infinity Die
CM335 Hero Greetings Sending Smiles stamp set
PW110 White Embossing Powder, embossing ink
Cardstock (2 shades of Orange, White, Black)
Gold glitter paper
Tools: die cutting machine, Precision Glue, foam squares, heat tool
Day 19:
CM224 Color Layering Elephant
CM239 Weird & Wonderful
Copic markers
Black ink
Cardstock (White), black card base
Tools: acrylic blocks, wide masking tape, scratch paper
Day 20:
AF329 Neon Chartreuse to Blue Ink
CG732 Sunburst Bold Prints
G6287 Be the Change
CM245 Come Fly With Me (bird)
AF231 Neon Blue
White cardstock, White A2 card
Tools: scrap paper, acrylic block, scissors, foam squares, Precision Glue, die cutting machine
Day 21:
CM342 Deco-rations
DI620 Deco-rations Frame Cuts
Inks (AF426 Pool Party, AF431 Thistle, Black)
Snowfall Glitter
Cardstock in White and Mist, watercolor paper, silver glitter paper
Tools: craft mat (important!), misting bottle, water brush, towel or paper towel for cleaning your brush, heat tool, die cutting machine, Precision Glue, foam squares, acrylic block
Day 22:
CG735 Blossoms for Coloring Bold Prints
Clear Embossing Powder
CM356 From the Vault Realistic Animals (message)
Reactive Inks (Fruit Punch, Creamsicle, Lemon Drop, Key Lime Fizz, Splash, Thistle)
Embossing ink, Black ink
Circle die cut
Cardstock (White)
Tools: heat tool, die cutting machine, baby wipe, Taylored Expressions blending brushes, washi tape, foam squares
Day 23:
AF365 Ombre Mermaid
Bursting with Love Bold Prints
Hello Fancy Die
Embossing ink
Sparkling Silver embossing powder
White cardstock, A2 card
Tools: die cutting machine, heat tool, scrap paper
Day 24:
SA113 Every Which Way Stencil
CM247 Birthday Hugs & Kisses
CH312 Pink Pop Flowers Sequins
Inks (Orchid, Neon Purple, Neon Pink)
Silver embossing powder
Embossing Ink
White cardstock, vellum paper.
Pink sequins
Tools: Pixie Spray for stencils, blending brushes, scrap paper, foam squares
Day 25:
SA069 Large Flower Stencil
CM356 From the Vault Realistic Animals
Nuvo Glimmer Paste
Reactive Reinkers: Taffy, Lemon Drop
Rounded card: die cutting machine, DI465 Rounded Rectangle Infinity Die
White card stock, pink A2 card
Tools: palette knife, craft mat, Pixie spray, baby wipes, foam tape, acrylic block
Day 26:
SA132 Poinsettia Stencil
Pool Party and Fruit Punch Reactive Inks
Hello Fancy Die
Cardstock, card base
Icicle glitter, precision glue
Tools: blending brushes, water spray bottle, wash tape, Pixie Spray for stencils, die cutting machine, paper trimmer
Day 27:
CM262 Hero Florals Mum Stem
Liquid Watercolors (Dandelion, Black)
PW119 Black Embossing Powder
PW110 White Embossing Powder
Embossing ink
CH304 Ombre Sunshine Sequins
Black cardstock, watercolor paper
Tools: acrylic blocks, heat tool, paint palatte, round watercolor brush, foam squares
Day 28:
Jellyfish Party Bold Print
CM171 You Are Loved Messages
Liquid Watercolors (Pink, Indigo, Purple)
Embossing ink, silver embossing powder, black ink, snowfall glitter, precision glue
Day 29:
CG720 Starry Night Brushstroke Bold Prints
White EP
DI435 Paper Layering Sunflower
Liquid Watercolors
Embossing ink
Watercolor paper, scissors
Day 30:
DI510 Fancy Boot Fancy Die
CM269 Cowboy Life
SA116 Scrollwork Stencil
Liquid Watercolors (Purple, Indigo, Brown, Black)
Shaving cream
Oval Vellum Die Cut
Black cardstock
White embossing powder
Paper plate, stick
Day 31:
DI629 Paper Layering Seahorse
CM322 Mix & Match Compliments
PW128 Sparkling Sea Embossing Powder
CG771 Bubble Bold Prints
Ink (AF426 Pool Party, AF429 Blue Hawaii, Embossing Ink)
CH302 Ombre Blue Sequins
GW101 Precision Glue
Water mist bottle
Learn how to:
  • Die cut paper and foam
  • Heat emboss
  • Work with color layering stamps, clear stamps, and rubber stamps
  • Use liquid watercolor
  • Use stencils with reactive dyes
  • Use Copic markers to color in stamps, masking, and more    
  • Create card backgrounds
  • Layer paper elements

What you'll get:
  • A 31-day series of easy-to-follow video lessons on how to stamp, die cut, emboss, and embellish cards for any occasion
  • 33 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list
  • Step-by-step instructions by expert Hero Arts instructor Libby Hickson
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students
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I am anxious to start creating my card designs. Waiting for supplies to arrive that I ordered. So many awesome ideas. Great directions and easy to understand.
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