October Lookbook // 2020
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While in-person meetups may be rarer these days, we've all been spending more time gathering together online, and Joyce the Undead Knitter is no different. Watch this quick virtual meeting of the Undead Craft Club as they review the new Creativebug classes coming up in October. View the entire series here.
October Lookbook // 2020
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New Releases // Lookbook
Wardrobe Basics: Sew Shirt No. 2
Sonya Philip
Explore the ins and outs of sewing with jersey fabric while making your own super-comfortable scoop neck shirt. Artist and sewing designer Sonya Philip teaches you how to sew Shirt No. 2 from her “100 Acts of Sewing" pattern series. From selecting the right knits to assembling the shirt, Sonya expertly guides you through every step of the process. You’ll also learn how easy it is to adjust this pattern for shorter sleeves and a wider neckline and how to add a professional-looking hem with a twin needle. One class, one pattern - so many amazing shirt possibilities.
Painting Textiles in Acrylic Ink
Missy Dunaway
Artist, instructor, and textile enthusiast Missy Dunaway explores why we collect textiles, where they come from, and what can they teach us as artists, all through the medium of acrylic ink. In this class you’ll follow along in order to capture and recreate heirloom textiles of your own, using the examples of a quilt, a carpet, and a scarf. Missy's strategies of looking closely through painting can be applied to any textile with personal significance that you want to preserve and honor.
STEAM: Make a Crystal Yeti
Jamie Hudson
Science meets papercraft with this dazzling crystal yeti project. PhD chemist and maker Jamie Hudson teaches you how to use a paper abominable snowman - easily cut on the Cricut - as a surface for growing “fur” crystals. While learning about crystallization, nucleation, and super saturation, you'll enjoy crafting a sparkly new friend.
Advanced Ruler Work for Quilting
Sue Nickels
The beauty of a meticulously-crafted wholecloth quilt is impossible to understate and can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Quilter and author Sue Nickels demystifies the process by breaking it down into manageable steps.  First plan out your design by dividing your quilt into segments, and carefully mark from the center out. Then, trace ruler shapes for precisely rendered designs. Finally, explore feathers and fillers as a finishing touch, resulting in a miniature heirloom piece. 
31 Creative Prompts from Modern and Contemporary Artists
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
Join multi-disciplinary visual artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh and draw inspiration every day from different contemporary artists from all across the globe. You'll explore an exciting range of artistic styles, perspectives, and mediums, like geometric abstraction in gouache, visual storytelling in fabric collage, still-life photography, and surrealist sculptures made from household items. Beginners will find the techniques and materials in this class fun and accessible, while more experienced artists will be delighted by out-of-the-box daily prompts like translating a song into painting. Modern art has no boundaries, and Dawline-Jane encourages you to let loose and experiment with a multitude of ways to create.
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October Lookbook // 2020
While in-person meetups may be rarer these days, we've all been spending more time gathering together online, and Joyce the Undead Knitter is no different. Watch this quick virtual meeting of the Undead Craft Club as they review the new Creativebug classes coming up in October. View the entire series here.
Embroidered Florals
Lauren from Lark Rising Embroidery
Learn a contemporary embroidery project that works a bit like a fill stitch sampler. Lauren Holton of Lark Rising Embroidery brings her wildly popular designs to life with an arrangement of textures that she demonstrates how to create. With Lauren's expert instruction and helpful tips, you'll leave this class having completed a beautiful piece of home decor and will have a wealth of fill stitches to incorporate into future embroidery projects.
Advanced Acrylic Painting
Jon Stich
Artist, illustrator, and instructor Jon Stich spent years developing his signature style. In this class, cover the fundamentals of acrylic painting before moving on to more advanced techniques in order to find your own. First, make representational paintings by finding midtones, light tones, and dark tones. You’ll work with a limited palette and mix colors to paint a still life, a monochromatic portrait, and finally, a color portrait. By following Jon’s clear and concise methods, along with his friendly insight and patient instruction, you’ll find a new way to both see and craft color, leading to thoughtfully-assembled portraits.
Sew the Nina Jumpsuit
Tabitha Sewer
If you're looking for one garment to make that you can wear all year, the Nina Jumpsuit is the perfect transition piece through the seasons, depending on what you wear underneath and how you style it. Fashion and sewing influencer Tabitha Sewer will teach you how to sew this comfy, wide-legged jumpsuit with criss-cross straps, side pockets, and midi-length legs. It's loose-fitting, casual, and easy to throw on and still look stylish. Add a new favorite piece to your wardrobe and add some amazing new skills to your sewing knowledge, such as making your own bias tape and sewing buttonholes and buttons with your sewing machine.
Crochet Sampler: A Daily Practice
Twinkie Chan
Whether this is the month you finally learn to crochet, or it’s time for you to add new stitches to your arsenal, expert crocheter Twinkie Chan will show you how. Begin with learning basic crochet stitches and their written abbreviations, then work toward crocheting small, friendly swatches with more decorative stitches. Once you’ve spent the month immersed in Twinkie’s wonderful world of crochet, you’ll end up with a beautiful collection of square swatches that you can use as coasters or seam up to make a super cute and colorful stitch sampler to hang on the wall. Build the skills - and the confidence - to crochet almost anything with just yarn and a hook.
Glue 102: Working With Fibers
Twinkie Chan
With so many glues available it can be hard to find the perfect one for your project. Luckily, artist Twinkie Chan (aka Stephanie Lee) has done the work for you. After spending years making wearable crocheted art, she’s here to share the essential adhesives from her craft kit. She’ll explain how to attaching porous and non-porous materials to fiber, how to work with metal, and the best glues for attaching plastic to fibers.
From Inspiration to Creation
Lauren Hooper
Draw endless inspiration from a single photograph in this iterative class with artist and avid art journal Lauren Hooper. She demonstrates how shapes, colors, motifs and movement can be gleaned and recorded. Then, artistically translate the marks you’ve made into a watercolor painting, an embroidered piece, and an art journal spread. Lauren’s simple and insightful instruction encourages you to keep the creativity flowing long after the class ends.
Patchwork Landscape Wall Hanging
Leslie Schucker
Capture the beauty of a mountain landscape in a quilted, geometric wall hanging that bursts with color. Quilt instructor and life-long textile lover Leslie Shucker serves as your gentle guide as you craft a wall hanging of your own. Learn how to cut out fabric shapes using an EZ Quilting template, assemble and sew the patchwork landscape, then lightly quilt all the layers together. Switch the color palette to cooler tones for a moonlit night scene, or go neutral or monochrome to suit your own color mood. Leslie's design includes a hanging tube for a wooden dowel so that you can display your masterpiece for all to enjoy.