Total Time: 7 hours 30 mins 4 secs
Welcome to our Critter Club, where you'll find unbearably cute knit and crochet animal classes taught by top designers like Twinkie Chan, Megan Kreiner, and Fancy Tiger.
Crocheted Abominable Snowman
Twinkie Chan
This adorable plush toy is anything but abominable. Crochet designer Twinkie Chan shows you how to work in the round with simple stitches to build your Yeti. You will also learn how to stuff him, whipstitch him together, and finally, how to create an optional Santa hat. 
Crocheted Black Cat
Twinkie Chan
Learn how to make this spooky-sweet black cat with crochet designer, Twinkie Chan. You’ll learn how to work in the round using basic stitches, whipstitch everything together, and most importantly, embroider the face. This black cat is perfect for Halloween décor – or switch up the yarn colors and make it look just like your favorite kitty!  
Knitted Puppy and Kitty
Fancy Tiger
This sweet and simple class shows you how to stitch a tiny critter customizable to look like your favorite pet. Amber shows you how to make a knitted puppy, but with just a few adjustments, it’s easy to turn this critter into a kitty. Quick to knit and cute as can be, this adaptable pattern works with any gauge of yarn you have on hand. (Bonus points if you use yarn spun from your own pet.)
Crocheted Unicorn
Twinkie Chan
Have you ever dreamed of having a unicorn pal? Now you can create your very own magical pet. Crochet designer Twinkie Chan shows you how to make your unicorn with simple crochet stitches, then how to assemble it by stuffing and whipstitching the pieces together. Finally, you will use a simple latch-hook method to add a colorful mane and tail.
Knitted Robin
Megan Kreiner
Learn how to knit this adorable English robin, complete with a cherubic little body, wings, tail, and pointy beak. This red-breasted bird is knitted in pieces and comes together quickly. Megan Kreiner not only shows you how to knit the bird, but also demonstrates how to assemble all of the bits and pieces and attach it to a twig.
Crocheted Sloth
Twinkie Chan
Crochet designer Twinkie Chan teaches you how to use simple crochet stitches to create your very own loveable, huggable sloth pal. Every bit of this toy is worked in the round, and Twinkie demonstrates how to whipstitch it all together and hand-sew a super cute face. Best of all, you’ll stuff the toy as you go, so you’ll be snuggling your sloth in no time at all.
Knitted Polar Bear
Megan Kreiner
Learn how to knit this very hungry polar bear and  his little fish friend with cute critter expert, Megan Kreiner. The bear and fish are made with chunky yarn, so the knitting is fast and easy. Megan shows you how to make every little bit of this 8-inch bear—from tousled head to whip-stitched toe—and also demonstrates how to stuff and assemble. Best of all, you'll learn how to add a safely secured magnet to both critters so the bear can carry the fish wherever he goes.