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10 Easy Things to Draw with Molly Hatch (10)

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Half the battle of learning how to draw is figuring out how to trust your own eyes. In this series of quick drawing classes, Molly Hatch demonstrates the loose, beautiful style that can be achieved with the Blind Contour Drawing technique. This unique drawing style is accomplished by looking only at the object that is being drawn (not at the paper), capturing the shape of the object with a continuous line. The result is typically a fluid (albeit slightly wonky) version of the real thing — and that wonkiness is a big part of the beauty. This exercise allows you to stop fretting about what your hand is doing and start focusing on what you’re seeing. You can either draw along with Molly by working from the photos in the PDF, or choose your own version of the objects to draw at home. And with that, we hereby challenge you to draw ten easy objects with Molly.