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It’s wedding season! Over the next four weeks, Lia Griffith will show you how to DIY your wedding with gorgeous paper crafts. From a hanging paper flower backdrop to oversized, monogram letters, Lia provides ideas for classic wedding projects that can be customized to reflect your personal style. Best of all, since these projects are made from paper, glue, and other basic crafting materials, making them won’t break the bank. These are perfect for whipping up over a weekend with your gal pals and best friends. With several hands working away, you’ll create décor to infuse your wedding with a sophisticated, handmade feel.

What You'll Get: Weekly live chats, Downloadable materials, Step-by-step instruction

is the designer, crafter and blogger behind She has been a stylist, designer and creative director in the wedding industry for many years. Though she handcrafts with a variety of materials, paper is where Lia finds her passion. Lia collaborates with top brands including Martha Stewart, Cricut and Shutterfly. Her creations have been featured by Martha Stewart Living, West Elm and Apartment Therapy and published in Made in Paper and Mollie Makes magazines. Lia is publishing her first book on paper crafting, which will be available in the Fall of 2014.

Here's the breakdown

WEEK 1: PAPER WEDDING CRAFTS - Create a Floral Head Wreath

In this class, Lia shares a classic wedding project—a floral head wreath perfect for a flower girl, bridesmaid, or even a bride. Lia will walk you through each step of the wreath-making process, from making the paper flowers and buds, to attaching them to the floral wire and finishing the ends with a pretty ribbon. Since the wreath is made from paper flowers, it will look great all day long and will last forever as a keepsake.

  • How to prepare floral wire
  • How to make flowers and buds
  • How to assemble wreath
  • How to finish wreath with ribbon ties

WEEK 2: PAPER WEDDING CRAFTS - Make a Flower Garland Backdrop

This hanging backdrop will make a stunning installation on your big day. Bedecked with gorgeous paper blooms and leaves, this backdrop would work perfectly behind an altar or even as a festive photobooth. Lia shares clear step-by-step instruction for cutting out the paper petals and leaves, making the blooms, and creating the garlands. The ribbon garlands are tied on to a branch at the end, making it easy to customize the size of your backdrop to suit your space. This is an ideal project to make with friends—throw a craft party and you'll have a gorgeous hanging backdrop whipped up in no time!

  • How to cut petals and leaves
  • How to make blooms
  • How to make garlands
  • How to assemble garlands to create backdrop


This week, Lia puts a modern spin on classic topiaries by making them out of paper. To make this timeless wedding staple, you'll begin by painting a terra cotta pot and filling it with copper tubing and foam to create the topiary shape. After that, you'll cover the form with hand-cut crepe paper leaves to give it a lush, organic look. Lia shares ideas for embellishing the topiaries, and also shows you how to add decorative table seating numbers for an overall look that is earthy, handsome and classic.

  • How to paint terra cotta
  • How to make topiary shape out of foam and copper tubing
  • How to cut out leaves
  • How to attach leaves to topiary and embellish

WEEK 4: PAPER WEDDING CRAFTS - Make 3-D Monogram Letters

For our final class, Lia presents a fabulous way to celebrate the happy couple on a large scale—with glamorous, monogram letters. These oversized 3-D letters are constructed with chipboard and paper tape, and the templates provided can be adjusted to make letters in any size you please. Once you've created the base, Lia shows you how to give the letter a luxe finish with gold leaf. She also shows how versatile this project can be by offering other ideas for decorating the letters with hand-cut paper leaves and silk flowers to create a completely different style.

  • How to cut out letter shapes from chipboard
  • How to assemble 3-D letters
  • How to embellish letters with gold foil, paper leaves, or silk flowers
Tools & Materials

Week 1:

  • – Paper covered floral wire (about one yard)
  • – Crepe paper in shades of pastel greens and pinks
  • – Stamens (or pips)
  • – Pinking shears
  • – Wire cutters
  • – Sharp scissors
  • – Ribbon (about one yard)
  • – Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Week 2:

  • – Crepe paper in several shades of green
  • – Sharp scissors
  • – Craft scissors
  • – Pinking shears
  • – Approximately 30 yards of satin ribbon or twine
  • – 7-foot long stick or dowel
  • – Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Week 3:

  • – Crepe paper in several shades of green
  • – 6" wide terra cotta pot
  • – 5" foam ball
  • – Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • – Paint
  • – Paintbrush
  • – Wire cutting pliers
  • – Scissors
  • – 45" of ¼" wide soft copper coil
  • – Ribbons or paper flowers (optional)

Week 4:

  • – Medium-weight chipboard (one sheet per letter)
  • – Pencil
  • – Transparent tape
  • – Paper tape
  • – Cutting mat
  • – Craft knife with extra blades
  • – Metal ruler
  • – Scissors
  • – Sponge and bowl
  • – Wide paintbrush
  • – Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • – Gold foil leaf (one packet per letter)
  • – Mod Podge and paintbrush
  • – Spray adhesive
  • – Green crepe paper (optional)
  • – Silk flowers (optional)
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We all love project classes, but many of you asked for a deeper dive on topics near and dear to your heart. So we're debuting monthly workalong classes that focus on fundamentals. Every month we will bring you a new topic, with weekly video installments. And access to the instructor through weekly live chats so you can follow right along and ask questions as the class progresses.
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