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Heather Jones

Heather Jones is a designer and modern quilter. She lives outside of Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband Jeff, a painter and professor of art at the University of Dayton,  and their two young children. Those three people are her biggest supporters, as well as her greatest sources of inspiration. Heather is the founder and former president of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild and she recently finished her first line of modern quilting patterns. She is often inspired by everyday places and things that many people wouldn't even notice (think an old metal silo or a painted grid in the parking lot of a big-box retailer), and she is always excited by the challenge to translate that inspiration into her work. Three of her original quilts were chosen as winners of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Project Modern Challenges, a year-long national quilting competition. Heather has a great respect for the art of quilt making and she loves to bring a modern twist to traditional patterns. 

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