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Maia Maslach
This is so inspiring!!! I love it. Thank you Courtney.
March 12
Kirsten M
A beautiful class! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and art.
March 11
Kat Mitchell
Would give 2 and a half stars if I could. The class was alright. The postcard....episode? Lesson?...was probably the most helpful. The general information about the USA postal service was pretty useful as well. Would've liked some more chapters with more ideas for different kinds of mail.
February 7, 2023
Martha Ashenfelter
This is so inspiring, and still, I want more! Perhaps a daily class to follow in which there is more step-by-step teaching of techniques for the letters/postcards themselves. Thanks for your creativity! (Loved your bio video..)
February 2, 2023
Linda Walsh
I loved this class! I have a new penpal and Courtney gave so many great ideas!
January 27, 2023