Wendy Lambert
Oro Valley, Arizona, United States
Taught myself to sew at 12 ... I was tall and no one made bell bottoms in long. That was my initial motivation, but I fell in love with sewing. I went on to make my children clothes. Then, as my mom responsibilities and my professional life as an educator became busier, I had to give it up for a time. I'm like a Thomas Jefferson (who was interested in such a wide variety of pursuits) of handcrafts. My grandmother taught me to knit at 8. I started my affair with photography by age 7. There are many family photographs that are mine in the family collection and I have never stopped shooting photos. I have been rughooking for about 8 years and I really like that type of creative expression. I also do embroidery and did so much cross-stitch when my kids were growing up that my interest in embroidery is based on creating and using my own designs. Sometime, I would like to try to paint, if only to put some of my photographs on canvas! I am disabled and was forced into retirement because of my health. This leaves me time to pursue my crafts. I only hope that my health holds out so that I have use of my hands. God is in control so I don't worry ... My most recent craft that I've learned is jewelry making, including beaded pens, letter openers, wine bottle stoppers and more. My whole life has been enriched by my pursuit of various creative endeavors.

Wendy's Art + Craft Interests

Know How To:
Knitting, Sewing, Quilting, Food + Home, Holiday + Party, Hook Rugs in Traditional Methods

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