Rae Davis
I love a whole range of crafts and am keen to learn more and improve my existing skills. I learnt sewing and knitting as a child and I've always loved drawing and painting with art being my highest mark in my exams many years ago!! After I left school, I was part of the youth training scheme and I trained in a small factory where I did practical hands on work along side doing a training course in manufacturing. After I finished my training, I moved on from that job to work in a tailors shop and started my pattern cutting and fashion design course at evening class, which took 7/8 years to complete. I taught myself crochet and now prefer it to knitting. I've also done jewellery making, textile art, embroidery, cross stitch and tapestry to name a few. I'm keen to do more drawing and painting, mixed media, advance my knitting skills, learn more embroidery skills etc the list is never ending!! I'm very glad I joined this website and an eager to start learning more about existing and new crafts.

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