Nuria Armengol
I have the joy of living my everyday life surrounded by art, colors, forms, textures, my work as a director of a contemporary art museum is very creative, as my ordinary day to day, spetialy coking and gardening and doing some experiments with architecture-fixing old houses...  I knit since my kids were young but I left the kniddles during many years and went into intelectual studies (I am a writer and studied  literature)  I re start knitting four years a go when my grandkids were born...and now I can´t stop. I consider myself as an obsessive knitter...I have some proyects of my own disigns. I always like to try new things, like almost everything in my life knitting is a chalenge, as soon I master some technique or project, I start another one, as now, I am starting working with colors, which I have always  wanted and being  afraid... I love the workshop of Brandon Mably and Kristin Nocholas...

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