Nicole Pearson
Hello, my name is Nicole, and from the time I figured out how to draw a horse with four legs, I have been in love with art. As a child, I was fascinated by my father’s oil painting kit. My parents encouraged me to draw. They kept an album of my creations, a special treasure of those first years of creativity. About a year an a half ago I reconnected with my creative roots. I started listening to The Lively Show and Elsie Gets Crafty podcasts. I then discovered The Year of Creative Habit Project and Creativebug. I love experimenting with different media and techniques. At the moment I am exploring watercolour, silk painting, jewellery making, and linocutting. I like how watercolour mixes in unpredictable ways on the paper. Silk painting is in some ways similar to watercolour. I love the idea of creating my own silk scarfs - a wearable watercolour. The list of potential new projects keeps growing as I am inspired by Creativebug. One thing I have learnt is that it's not all about what you make, but enjoying the creative process.

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Knitting, Sewing, Jewelry, Food + Home, Silk painting, make clay planters, make terrariums, make lampshades, flower arrangement
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