Marvel LaPorte
Hi even though my name is Marvel everyone I know from family to close friends have always called me Joey. As a matter of fact my mother got a call from my kindergarten teacher saying I was uncooperative and would not answer when my name was called. I didn't know that when they called on Marvel that it was me they were calling on. From then on anyone who called me Marvel was from school and I was still called Joey at home and by close friends and relatives. Pretty silly. I am married and we just celebrated our 26th anniversary. It was a second marriage for the both of us. Between us we have 1 daughter who is 42 a son who is 38 and another daughter who is 32. I love to read the library in town here would let me take out 12 books at a time. My one Grandmother was called Granny: she was from Kentucky and my other Grandmother was in charge of a lumber yard and a business woman; there was quite a contrast between the two. I only had one Grandfather who was alive while growing up. He was a musician and was supposed to go to Julliard but chose to ride the rails as a hobo instead. He went on to be the superintendent of the Electric company in the area. I had a very interesting and quite varied childhood. I consider myself quite fortunate that they all lived into their 90s' and Granny lived to be 101. I learned a lot between the 3 of them and spent as much of my time with them as I could. I grew up fishing, gardening, canning, camping, and even raised pigs and chickens with a book in hand. Being raised in the 50s'and 60s' I feel were the best years to grow up in. My mother was a stay at home mom and my father was the one who worked outside the home. My mom loved to bake and I learned from her I still love to bake which my waistline does not appreciate but my hubby does. I didn't mean to write a book here but sometimes I feel I should write a book. My husband and I built our house while living in a tent with the kids. Needless to say I have led what I feel is a very different life than some people have.

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