Margaret Morales
I am a retired art teacher that has a love for taking workshops in all sorts of art and craft areas...because it's fun to learn new things!. I have learned how to make glass beads and certification to teach Precious Metal Clay (PMC). I was known for being the Tie-dye Queen because of years of doing tie dye with our whole elementary school. Right now I am exploring and creating in the world of quilting. I create my own ice dyed and printed fabrics. Right now I am preparing to teach Fabric Collage Quilts that I will be teaching to the B'ham Quilting Guild and the Pell City Friendship Quilters. I love to teach as much as I love to take a new class!

Margaret's Art + Craft Interests

Know How To:
Art + Design, Paper, Sewing, Quilting, Jewelry, Crafts for Kids, I am learning how to use my Cricut Maker to make silk screens on fabric using Color Magnet.

Margaret's Favorites