Kerry Lopes
I am a retired RN and my husband is a psychologist. I am an artist but I do many different types of art such as watercolour, acrylic, multimedia, oil, graphite, charcoal, use of watercolour and alcohol pens, ink, pencil crayon, stencils, pastels, and on and on. Presently my main interest in in watercolor with pen and ink. I love doing animals in all forms. I love sketching with black pen or graphite. I am interested in quilting which I do more of in the winter months. I just started at the very beginning of crochet and knitting and am very interested in learning from the very beginning and gradually how to improve. I find creative bug a little more confusing than other art class sites such as craftsy. I am never sure if I actually own a course or if I am only allowed to watch a course once or only a few times. I would appreciate knowing and feeling confident that I can keep my course forever. Kerry Lopes

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