Judy Donovan
Elkhart, Indiana, United States
I'm 68 yrs old, retired, and live in an appt. in my daughters basement that we remodeled. I keep busy working to improve the curb appeal here and also at a neighbors' who are elderly. I sew for myself and grandkids, I design jewelry, i have an embroidery machine I'm learning, I took 2 classes for quilting a wall hanging, but had the wrong kind of ruler which moved when cutting my pieces so they weren't the right size! What a mess! I do all kinds of other crafts (am I attention deficit or what ?) I also have a bother thats going blind that needs me to help him quite a bit. So I love the classes here that I can revisit as I need to. There are some I'd like to get but won't let myself until I actually go ahead and do something with the ones I have, plus with being on a limited income I have to watch my pennies !

Judy's Art + Craft Interests