Jennie Joyce
Kaneohe, HI, USA
Most of my time is spent learning the fine art of managing the pain of daily migraines with a sense of humor and gratitude. When I was still able to work, I was an Art Therapist and Marriage/Family Therapist with youth who lived in a disenfranchised community. My friends & I have a "peace-making" non-profit organization in that city which focuses on the most difficult youth, art, music, writing, financial assistance for college, and also providing a healthy family environment. My migraines became so severe every day that I had to stop working. Now, after being mostly bedridden since 2008, I am going to try to do some art to bring myself peace and healing.

Jennie's Art + Craft Interests

Want to Learn:
Paper, Sewing, Quilting, Jewelry, Watercolor gouache painting. Hand lettering