Ilze Egle
Riga, Riga, LVA
I am a visual storyteller, an artist, and illustrator. I capture moments and details which show the fragility of the world, they tell a story and ask you to stop and appreciate yourself, your relationships, nature, and life. My art is a way of necessity for me and it comes from where I am emotionally. When I create I have a vision in my head, but in the process of creation, I leave the space for transformation and unknown. The created artwork is always a discovery to me. I work mostly in drawing. It is a meditative process, where I feel most natural and real, where I can dream and search for the most important questions. Associative, subjective, in a way narrative and eternally unfinished nature of drawing, is what interests me most. I could say that drawing has chosen me instead of I have chosen it.

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