Georgeanna Couldry
Saint Joseph, Missouri
I've been crafting since I was a kid. My mother sent me down to my grandmothers (She only lived a half block away.) and she taught me to crochet. That was the first time I remember doing anything like that. Someone bought me a toy sewing machine and a fabric panel of barbie doll clothes. I played around with that. My mother tried to teach me to knit. She didn't crochet. But bless her heart, she just didn't have the patience. by the end of 15-20 minute lesson she was yelling. It just wasn't good. We went to our separate corners and we"re fine after a cooling off period. Not the first or last time it happened. She just wasn't a teacher. She helped me out in a lot of other ways. But I didn't give up. I taught myself to knit. It was a tad bit tight. When I got married and had kids I didn't have time to do much crafting. Now I'm retired and love to sew and knit.

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