Angelia Pillow
Huntingdon, Tennessee, United States
I am married to my husband, Jason, for 13 years. I have two sons and 15 grandchildren. I have a BS in Organizational Management and am currently working towards my Masters degree. I am a devoted crafter, I have always loved crafting and will probably die with glue, glitter, paint, and yarn on or surrounding my body (LOL!). I do a little bit of everything and love to try new things. I especially love things that I can do and then teach my grandchildren how to do them.

Angelia's Art + Craft Interests

Want to Learn:
Knitting, Crochet, Art + Design, Paper, Sewing, Quilting, Jewelry, Crafts for Kids, Food + Home, Holiday + Party, Shuttle Tatting, Swedish Weaving, Huck Embroidery,
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