Total Time: 5 hours 41 mins 30 secs
Here you'll find all of the most-watched classes on Creativebug. These tried-and-true classes are our top 12 for 2015!
Sketchbook Explorations
Lisa Congdon
Getting started in a new sketchbook can be the biggest hurdle in the creative process. In this introductory class, Lisa shares tips for selecting a sketchbook that is just right for you. She also shares techniques for working with watercolor paints, then shows how to draw over the paint with Micron pens. This class is all about embracing multiple mediums and adding layers of detail – open the sketchbook and let’s get started.
Intermediate Watercolor
Yao Cheng
Learn how to paint gorgeous, gestural florals that reflect the vitality and energy of a freshly picked flower. This class is not about capturing the detail in every petal and leaf – what’s more important is focusing on the composition and the movement of the arrangement. Once you’ve learned how to create leaves and single stem flowers, you’ll learn how to combine these elements to paint a stunning bouquet.
How to Design Fabric
Denyse, Heather & Lizzy
What makes a fabric collection? How do repeats work? Where do you even start? This overview introduces you to the fundamentals of textile design, along with inspiration on how designers kick off a new collection. Hear the stories of each designer featured in the series, and follow along with an eye-opening paper exercise that helps you grasp the concept of a repeating design.
Embroidery Sampler
Rebecca Ringquist
This workshop starts with the very basics of embroidery – setting up a hoop and threading needles – and dives into a visual encyclopedia of the most common stitches. Rebecca Ringquist teaches straight stitches before moving onto decorative and knotted stitches, including the elusive French knot. Along the way, she offers tips for smooth embroidery and examples from her stitched artwork as inspiration.
Creative Sketchbooking
Pam Garrison
In this first class, Pam Garrison shares simple exercises for releasing creative inhibitions in your sketchbook. You will use both your dominant and non-dominant hands to create blind contour drawings that look like mere scribbles on paper, then use a colorful paint palette to transform those scribbles into thoughtfully painted shapes. This exercise results in aesthetically pleasing sketchbook pages that are created through the process of intuitive creative exploration.
Sew a Sailor Top
Fancy Tiger
Jaime and Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts take you step-by-step through sewing their iconic Sailor Top. This wardrobe classic works up beautifully in light to medium-weight woven fabrics and is written in six sizes (ranging from a bust size of 32" to 45"). The Sailor Top is not only flattering for every body type, but it is also great for building skills – you will learn how to make a gathered yoke, insert raglan sleeves, and hem raw edges, amongst many other useful techniques. Download the included pattern and start whipping up this sassy staple.
Drawing and Illustration Basics
Heather Ross
When you’re first learning how to draw, the secret is to relax, warm up, and keep it simple. Heather shares exercises to help you approach the blank page and learn how to control the pencil. Then, together, you will practice drawing everyday objects without worrying too much about realistic results. This first class is a great way to learn how to reduce objects to basic lines and shapes get past the intimidation of drawing from real life.
Beginning Calligraphy
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
The first step to learning calligraphy is getting familiar with your tools and materials. In Part 1, Maybelle introduces you to the inks, pens, and papers you will need to get started and show you the proper way to hold the pen. After you work through a few warm-up exercises, we’ll move on to learning the uppercase alphabet. At the very end, Maybelle shares ideas for what to do with your pretty practice sheets once you’ve filled them up.
Introduction to Drawing
Molly Hatch
Though it may seem deceptively simple, most artistic ventures begin with learning how to draw a humble line. Using pens, pencils and other elemental art materials, acclaimed artist and designer Molly Hatch shares the basics of line drawing. This class is chock full of tips and tricks, plus classic mark-making exercises like blind contour, implied lines, and line networks. With practice, your hand and brain will learn to work together, and your humble lines will quickly start to transform into beautiful, interesting shapes.
Image Transfers
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, learning how to create image transfers will introduce you to a whole new world of using creative imagery in your work. Courtney will show you the best methods for a range of techniques using inexpensive materials, including how to create transparent layers. The resulting images are beautiful for adding dimension and depth to various art projects, from paper arts and collage, to fiber arts and more.
Trace a T-shirt, Make a Wardrobe
Improv Sewing
Want to make a custom-fit wardrobe? Instead of using traditional patterns, the Improv Sewing team sews a wardrobe from a single set of pattern pieces made by tracing a well-fitting t-shirt. Sacrifice that favorite tee (the one with a little stain on it) for a closet full of favorite tops, tunics and dresses!

Art Journaling
Dawn DeVries Sokol
The hardest part of starting an art journal is figuring out how to dive in. In this first week, Dawn explains what an art journal is, and provides fun and fearless exercises for getting started on that first blank page. Dawn demonstrates the full arsenal of art supplies you might want to have on hand, and shares lots of beginner techniques, such as simple ways to draw faces, incorporate color, and play with lettering, as well as tips for identifying your favorite doodle shapes. These warm-ups are intended to get you nice and comfy within the pages of your new journal.

What Will You Learn:
• What tools and materials to have on hand
• Exercises for discovering your go-to doodles
• Tips for incorporating words
• Easy ways to draw faces
• Exercises for combining collage and doodles