Crochet Flower Jewelry
Jenny Doh
In this workshop, Jenny will teach you how to crochet a scalloped flower, a five-petal flower, a small circle and a simple band. Stack the elements to make a cuff or a brooch. Or assemble the flowers and circles into a statement necklace. Jenny reviews every stitch you need in order to start whipping up these sweet and simple combinations. 
Easy Indigo Dyeing: Make Indigo Dyed Pillows
Anna Joyce
Learn how to make stunning, one-of-a-kind patterns on cotton fabric using indigo dye. Anna will show you a variety of folding, twisting, tying, and painting techniques to achieve eye-catching prints and patterns. Once your fabric has been dyed, Anna will show you how to sew your printed fabric into stylish envelope pillows. Although indigo dyeing can be done indoors, it’s a perfect way to spend time with friends outdoors on a warm, summer day.
Paper Flowers: Make an Anemone Bouquet
Livia Cetti of The Green Vase
In this colorful class, Livia shares her expert technique for making anemones out of tissue paper. She begins with an overview of how to cut and dip-dye bleach the paper, and then shares how to pleat the petals and attach them to floral wire with floral tape. Once you’ve made a batch of flowers, Livia shares professional tips on how to arrange them by color and shape and put them together into a gorgeous wedding bouquet or tabletop arrangement.
Embroidered Heirloom Napkins
Rebecca Ringquist
These embroidered napkins serve as a sentimental record of everyone who has gathered around your table for special meals and holidays. Rebecca shows you what kind of tools to use to gather signatures, and how to embroider those signatures or drawings onto napkins so they can be washed and used and cherished for years to come. 
Wire Wrapping
Alix Bluh
Learn how to create your own charms with gems, wire and basic jewelry tools. Alix Bluh will teach you three different kinds of wire wrapping in this workshop that you can then apply to personalize your own jewelry creations.
Acrylic Painting for Beginners
Lisa Solomon
Get a firm foundation in acrylic painting with this fun three-part series taught by artist and professor Lisa Solomon. Lisa covers the basics of Acrylic Painting for Beginners, from learning about different tools and brushstrokes to creating your very own masterpiece. This class is chock-full of information, so grab your paints and get ready for an engaging journey in Acrylics 101.
Cricut Crafts: DIY Bookplates
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia demonstrates how to create monogrammed bookplates in the Cricut Design Space. This project utilizes the “Print Then Cut” feature, so you will begin by printing out the design, and then you will cut out shaped labels using the Cricut Explore. Whether you personalize the books in your own library or create a bookplate for a gifted book, this is the perfect project for all book lovers!
Yarn Birds
Nicole Blum
These charming birdies are made from extra-fuzzy yarn, feathers, and your child’s imagination. Nicole and her daughter show you how to create them, along with a yarn-wrapped branch. So these little guys can perch anywhere that will benefit from some fuzzy cuteness.
Sketchbook Explorations
Lisa Congdon
The habit of keeping a sketchbook is an important exercise, whether you are deepening your artistic practice or starting a brand new one. In this series, Lisa Congdon delves into her personal practice, sharing techniques that she employs in her own mixed media sketchbook. Best of all, you won’t be limited to one medium. Lisa explores ways to incorporate pen, watercolor, collage, brush pens, and more, allowing you to play with techniques that go beyond your comfort zone. As Lisa tells you “Just let go of the fear and dive in.”
Finger Knitting
Amelia Strader
Want to get your craft on with nothing more than a skein of yarn? Amelia shows you how to finger knit chains of yarn that can be turned into necklaces, bracelets, garlands and much more. Wear the chains in stacks for a modern and tactile look. Amelia teaches the sequence in a chunky yarn so it’s easy to follow along. This is a great entry-level craft for kids and kids of all ages.