Beginner | 4 hours 40 min
Join multi-disciplinary visual artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh and draw inspiration every day from different contemporary artists from all across the globe. You'll explore an exciting range of artistic styles, perspectives, and mediums, like geometric abstraction in gouache, visual storytelling in fabric collage, still-life photography, and surrealist sculptures made from household items. Beginners will find the techniques and materials in this class fun and accessible, while more experienced artists will be delighted by out-of-the-box daily prompts like translating a song into painting. Modern art has no boundaries, and Dawline-Jane encourages you to let loose and experiment with a multitude of ways to create.
Learn how to:
  • Paint with gouache and water-soluble oil pastels
  • Create bold, graphic patterns with markers
  • Make pointillist paintings with a cork
  • Form sculptures with household items like tin foil and wire
  • Arrange and take still-life photos
  • Make collages in various mediums such as paper, fabric, magazine cut-outs, and bottle caps
  • Layer different mediums together
  • Explore cartoons and comic art
  • Find inspiration in yourself and your everyday life

What you'll get:
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons on how to create paintings, sculptures, collages, and all kinds of mixed media art by drawing inspiration from modern and conteporary artists
  • 31 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list and PDF with reference photos
  • Step-by-step instructions by multidisciplinary visual artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

31 Creative Prompts from Modern and Contemporary Artists
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Canson Plein Air Watercolor Artboards
  • Canson Plein Air Canva Artboards
  • Grey Matters paper palette
  • Black card stock
  • Colored paper
  • Fabric like felt and quilting scraps
  • Multi purpose scissors
  • Utility knife
  • X-acto knife
  • Case for Making watercolor grid paper for color swatching
  • Gouache (Dawline-Jane uses Reeves)
  • Sakura Cray-Pas Oil pastels 
  • Pencils - 7b and mechanical pencil
  • Stabilo black pens in various widths
  • Black brush pen with a nylon tip
  • Pilot Fineliner
  • Sharpie
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Gum eraser
  • White vinyl eraser
  • Elmer's purple school glue
  • Glue stick
  • Tacky glue
  • Painter's brush
  • Variety of painting brushes, wide to fine - Dawline-Jane is using soft synthetics from cat's tongue to round brushes to flat brushes
  • Ruler
  • Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels
  • Crayola twistable crayons
  • Crayola erasable colored pencils
  • Crayola color sticks
  • Crayola colored markers
  • Artist tape
Day 2: scraps or different colored paper, card stock, magazines, x-acto knife, glue stick

Day 3: gouache, watercolor paper, brushes, pencil, eraser, ruler, palette paper

Day 4: multi colored construction paper or card stock, glue stick, scissors, x-acto knife, eraser, pencil, watercolor artboard

Day 5: assorted fabrics including one large piece of felt, Tacky glue, scissors, pencil or marker, needle and thread, piece of cardboard, reference photo in PDF

Day 6: magazine pages, gouache, glue stick, brushes, reference photo in PDF

Day 7: magazine pages, glue stick, sheet of plain paper

Day 8: black paper, white paper, scissors, white colored pencil, white Crayola twistable, glue stick, reference photo in PDF

Day 9: water soluble oil pastels, brushes, jar of water, paper towel, canvas art board, reference photo in PDF

Day 10: oil pastel, paper towel, artboard, reference photo in PDF

Day 11: water soluble oil pastel, jar of water, brushes, paper towel, heavy paper, reference photo in PDF

Day 12: watercolor board, paint daubers/corks, gouache, all purpose craft paint, brush pen, markers, paint brushes, reference photo in PDF

Day 13: gouache, oil pastels, brushes, jar of water, watercolor board, music

Day 14: water soluble oil pastels, palette, brushes, jar of water, paper towels, spray bottle, rigid painting support, reference photo in PDF

Day 15: acrylic paint in a limited color palette, palette paper, watercolor board, assorted brushes in size 2-4, jar of water, paper towels

Day 16: markers, black fine point pen, watercolor board

Day 17: watercolor board, coloring materials like gouache, brush pens, pencil, ruler, reference photo in PDF

Day 18: mixed media board, ruler, pencil, colored pencils, crayola color sticks, reference photo in PDF

Day 19: mechanical pencil, painting surface, brushes, gouache, brushes

Day 20: soft colored pencils (Crayola erasable pencil), twistable crayons, Crayola color sticks, brush pens, drawing paper

Day 21: gathered natural objects or fruit and vegetable peels, camera for documentation

Day 22: aluminum foil, optional: paint

Day 23: wire, wire cutters or scissors

Day 24: corks, thick felt pad, yarn, scissors

Day 25: found objects like bottle caps, soda can tabs, corks, hot or tacky glue, felt or some kind of backing material

Day 26: camera or cell phone, different light sources like string lights, household objects like flowers to set up a still life like, tape, various materials for backgrounds, scissors

Day 27: various wigs or fun costume pieces, a fun backdrop, camera, tripod

Day 28: ruler, painting surface, gouache, palette paper, pencil, eraser, brushes, jar of water, paper towel

Day 29: pencil, eraser, Sharpie, ruler, paper, gouache

Day 30: water soluble oil pastel, inking pens, pencil, eraser, ruler, art board, black gouache, brushes, jar of water, palette paper, canvas art board

Day 31: watercolor or mixed media paper, water soluble oil pastels, paint brushes, gouache, sketching pencil, jar of water, paper towel, palette, reference photo in PDF
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Personal Map Making - A Daily Mixed Media Practice
e bond
You might think of maps as diagrams of physical places, but the irrepressibly creative e bond will show you how to re-imagine a map as a visual journey through your artistic and emotional places. In this 31-day class, you’ll use maps and mapping, their functions and characteristics, as a process tool for generating abstract compositions with mark-making, collage, doodling, and other visual experiments. Map-making will be your conceptual point of departure as you fill up your sketchbook with paint, photographs, leaves, ephemera, and pieces of actual maps to create vibrant, mixed-media spreads. 
How to Mend Clothing
Cal Patch
There are nearly as many ways to darn as there are ways to get holes in clothes. In this class, expert sewist Cal Patch demonstrates her very favorite techniques for mending. She'll show you how to darn knits and woven fabrics using crochet on both flat and curved surfaces. You'll also learn an invisible method of traditional darning on a sweater, then with a contrasting yarn on some socks. Finally, Cal covers several methods of mending with patches. Who knew that mending could be so decorative?    
Big Stitch Hand Quilting
Tara Faughnan
Color fanatics and hand-stitching aficionados will find a lot to love in Tara Faughnan's “Big Stitch” quilting class. Tara shares her techniques for picking harmonious fabric colors to sew a high-contrast bar quilt, then shows how to quilt by hand with a dazzling array of threads. The final product is a richly layered piece that can be used for a mini-quilt or pillow top – or you can go big and apply this technique to a full-size quilt. The process is playful and inspiring, suitable for both first-time quilters and more advanced stitchers.
Schoolhouse Sampler: A Daily Embroidery Practice
Rebecca Ringquist
Challenging us to get playful and messy within the supposed neatness of embroidery, Rebecca Ringquist, a Portland, Oregon based artist, designer, educator, and author, returns with an all-new embroidery design. In her fourth sampler class, Rebecca shares some of the history of embroidery as we stitch along on her Schoolhouse Sampler. She begins by teaching seven basic stitches, showing variations on stitches from previous classes and new stitches done in pattern squares, borders, letters and numbers. Choose your own adventure in color and pattern making this Schoolhouse Sampler as messy or as tidy as you please.
Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Working With a Bead Loom
Tracey-Renee Hubbard
Design and make beautifully beaded jewelry with Tracey-Renee Hubbard, designer and founder of the vibrant accessories brand Scotchbonnet! She guides you through the process of developing a cohesive jewelry collection, beginning with the assembly of a mood board to find your aesthetic. Then, learn how to map out a beaded design on paper and prepare a Jewel Loom to weave your beads. Finally, Tracey-Renee demonstrates how to mount your beadwork to a brass cuff or barrette and show off your stylish new creation. 
Turkish Map Fold
Jody Alexander
An elegant way to fold paper, this technique has traditionally been used to fold maps. Jody deconstructs the steps to show how one piece of paper can be turned into a pop-up greeting card -- or you can combine many to create an artist’s book, decorative garland or even a crown!
Crochet Sampler: A Daily Practice
Twinkie Chan
Whether this is the month you finally learn to crochet, or it’s time for you to add new stitches to your arsenal, expert crocheter Twinkie Chan will show you how. Begin with learning basic crochet stitches and their written abbreviations, then work toward crocheting small, friendly swatches with more decorative stitches. Once you’ve spent the month immersed in Twinkie’s wonderful world of crochet, you’ll end up with a beautiful collection of square swatches that you can use as coasters or seam up to make a super cute and colorful stitch sampler to hang on the wall. Build the skills - and the confidence - to crochet almost anything with just yarn and a hook.
Procreate 101: A Daily Practice for Beginners
Risa Iwasaki Culbertson
San Francisco based, multi-media artist extraordinaire Risa Iwasaki Culbertson is here to undo all your fears about taking your art digital. This class introduces digital-curious artists to Procreate by building skills with individual images and then bringing them together to create a full scene. Utilizing an underwater theme full of sea creatures to get you more comfortable with the program, you will explore useful tools as the lessons build on each other, resulting in familiarity with layers, masks, brushes, blurs, blooms, and so much more. Risa then shows you the way to bring your digital work to life, both in Procreate and in the real world.
Watercolor Lettering - A Daily Practice
Jess Park
Lettering artist Jess Park shares her techniques for creating colorful watercolor script. You'll learn the basics of pen and brush lettering first, then pluck away at painting plants, stems, and flowers to create wreaths and laurels. From there, you’ll expand your skills, learning how to create illustrations that live inside of a letter or word. By the end of the class, you’ll have all the skills you need to fill your sentence with a sunset or your monogram with a luscious bowl of fruit.    
Japanese Sashiko: A Daily Decorative Stitching Practice
Lisa Solomon
Using the running stitch as a base, mixed media artist Lisa Solomon shows you 30 designs in the Japanese tradition of sashiko stitching. This beautiful and functional embroidery we enjoy today can be traced back to the thriftiness of 17th century Japanese peasant women. You will learn their traditional patterns which you can then use to make decorative pieces or mend and patch garments. No matter the method you choose, you’ll find that sashiko is a great way to slow down and stitch with intention, creating beauty from simplicity.
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31 Creative Prompts from Modern and Contemporary Artists
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
Join multi-disciplinary visual artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh and draw inspiration every day from different contemporary artists from all across the globe. You'll explore an exciting range of artistic styles, perspectives, and mediums, like geometric abstraction in gouache, visual storytelling in fabric collage, still-life photography, and surrealist sculptures made from household items. Beginners will find the techniques and materials in this class fun and accessible, while more experienced artists will be delighted by out-of-the-box daily prompts like translating a song into painting. Modern art has no boundaries, and Dawline-Jane encourages you to let loose and experiment with a multitude of ways to create.
STEAM: Make a Chomping Shark
Jamie Hudson
Turn a regular clothespin into an amazing chomping shark with scientist and crafter Jamie Hudson. This is a fun project for the whole family to construct using the Cricut Maker to cut out your shark shapes. Then, assemble and paint your shark in your favorite colors. With this quick craft, you'll not only have a new googley-eyed friend to chomp on your finger or hang your laundry, but you'll also learn some scientific principles - like bite force - in a creative and engaging way.
Color Meditation Daily Practice
Lisa Solomon
Artist, educator, and A Field Guide to Color author Lisa Solomon shares her unfettered enthusiasm for color in this daily practice series. You’ll experiment with color theory, patterns, and layering as you move through a variety of watercolor prompts. You’ll also work with masking fluid, gesso, gouache and other materials as you alternate between painting and revealing color. Be prepared to fully engage in color exploration and cultivate mindfulness. After a month of observation, your perception of the tones and shades of your world will be attuned in a new way.
Make a Macramé Keychain
Emily Katz
This beginner project is the perfect way to learn the basics of macramé. Emily will show you how to create the Bird’s Eye Tassel – a fun, textured piece that you can use as a keychain or wall decoration.
Patchwork Improv: Working with Strips
Sherri Lynn Wood
For textile artist Sherri Lynn Wood, improvisation is a way to make choices in all aspects of daily living, but especially in her patchwork process. In this class, Sherri demonstrates the freedom and excitement of improv patchwork by focusing on string piecing. Working within a "score" or flexible pattern, you’ll learn how to work with surprises, make choices from random selections, celebrate “whoopie” moments, and troubleshoot in the moment. By the end you’ll have a beautiful piece of patchwork that can be further developed into a quilt or used as a decorative piece.
Knit a Super Scarf
Faith Hale
Bundle up in style with a gloriously bulky super scarf. Designed by Yarnspirations, this oversized scarf features a 12-row stitch pattern that creates a gorgeous overall texture. Faith Hale shows you how to get started, work the Dew Drop pattern, and make super-sized tassels to finish off the corners. Worked in a super bulky yarn, the scarf knits up quicker than you might think. For even more Super Scarf inspiration, check out 12 more fabulous knit and crochet patterns from Yarnspirations here
Punch Needle Embroidery Workshop
Punch needle embroidery has taken the craft world by storm, and Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou is at the helm of this movement. In this thorough workshop, Arounna gives the traditional craft of punch needle embroidery a modern makeover and shows how you can do the same. You will not only learn the fundamentals of how to use the punch needle tool, but also how to create a successful design from scratch and punch it up quickly with bulky weight wool. Along the way, Arounna troubleshoots potential issues and shows you how to bind off your piece to make a wall hanging, trivet or stool cover. 
STEAM: Make a Sea Monkey Habitat
Jamie Hudson
If you've never heard of "sea monkeys" get ready to learn all about this famous retro pet while making an out-of-this-world aquarium for them to live and grow. Jamie Hudson is a PhD scientist who started a craft company and loves combining art with science. Follow the instructions on your sea monkey kit to bring them to life, then craft them a new home with the Cricut that will send them to outer space. Fun fact: sea monkeys have been to space several times. And if sea monkeys aren't your thing, you can still use the techniques and materials from this class to decorate a small fish tank or terrarium.