June Lookbook Promo // 2018
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What will you make this June? Watch this quick promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases and seasonal favorites. Click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
June Lookbook // 2018
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June Lookbook // 2018
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June Lookbook Promo // 2018
What will you make this June? Watch this quick promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases and seasonal favorites. Click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
Daily Mixed Media Challenge
Mou Saha
Invigorate your art practice by joining designer and Faber-Castell creative Mou Saha for a month of mixed media exploration. Each day, Mou shares her favorite techniques for adding textures, creating layers, playing with color, and transforming trash into treasure. This series is a skill-building powerhouse that will enhance your mixed media work and open your eyes to new possibilities in your art journal. With enthusiasm and ingenuity, Mou makes it fun and exciting to use familiar materials in new ways and introduces you to a whole host of materials you may have never considered.
Punch Needle Embroidery Workshop
Punch needle embroidery has taken the craft world by storm, and Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou is at the helm of this movement. In this thorough workshop, Arounna gives the traditional craft of punch needle embroidery a modern makeover and shows how you can do the same. You will not only learn the fundamentals of how to use the punch needle tool, but also how to create a successful design from scratch and punch it up quickly with bulky weight wool. Along the way, Arounna troubleshoots potential issues and shows you how to bind off your piece to make a wall hanging, trivet or stool cover. 
Wardrobe Basics: Sewing Dress No. 2
Sonya Philip
When you're in need of a project that's easy to sew and simple to style, look no further than Dress No. 2 by Sonya Philip. Part of her "100 Acts of Sewing" line, this wardrobe workhorse is eminently wearable and serves as an excellent base for layering. The A-line dress pattern features three-quarter sleeves, a scoop neck and patch pockets. Once you’ve learned how to make the basic pattern, Sonya shows you how to add inseam pockets, shorten to tunic-length, make a sleeveless variation, or add a color-blocked hem. It accommodates a wide variety of fabrics; try cozy flannel for chilly winter wear or cotton lawn for a breezy summer garment. The downloadable PDF pattern covers all variations and comes in size XS - 4 XL.

Bust measurement (your body size):
XS: 32 inches (81 cm); S: 35 inches (89 cm); M: 38 inches (97 cm); L: 41 inches (104 cm); XL: 44 inches (112 cm); 2XL: 47 inches (119 cm); 3XL: 50 inches (127 cm); 4XL: 53 inches (135 cm)

Acrylic Ink Painting: Capturing Complex Scenes
Missy Dunaway
Join artist and world traveler, Missy Dunaway, on an advanced foray into sketchbook painting. In this class, Missy works with acrylic ink to render two complex scenes that capture the romance and nostalgia of the moment. In each painting, she mixes nuanced shades from a limited selection of colors and works in loads of detail. Missy shares her technique for mixing ink on the page, pushing and pulling elements until reaching the desired effect. Finally, she shows how to re-evaluate the darks and lights to pull the image into dazzling balance.
New to acrylic ink? Try out Missy’s beginner classes here on Creativebug.
Sew the Adventure Tank Top
Fancy Tiger
This all-summer tank is super versatile and comes in two versions: a racer-back and a muscle tank. Amber and Jaime, the Fancy Tiger ladies, show you how to make both views using either a serger or sewing machine. The slightly flared silhouette and design details make this the perfect tank to wear on all your summer adventures. PDF patterns are provided for both versions in six sizes (from 32” – 46” bust).
Sew a Reversible Sun Hat
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to make a reversible, floppy sun hat—the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Ashley Nickels will show you how to measure your head to determine your hat size and how to increase or decrease the length of the brim to make it totally customizable. Best of all, this sun hat can be made with your two favorite fabrics since it’s fully reversible. This class is great for new sewers and for anyone who needs a stylish hat to wear under the warm, summer sun.
Digitizing Watercolor: Creating Art Prints in Photoshop
Cecelia Murphy
Learn how to take that painting out of your sketchbook and turn it into a reproducible art print! Designer and artist, Cecelia Murphy, shows you her technique for scanning artwork, touching it up in Photoshop, and transforming it into a giclee print. This fine art printing format allows you to create high-quality multiples of your artwork, perfect for selling on Etsy or at craft fairs. Perfect for Photoshop first-timers, Cecelia shows you how to use your painting as a jumping off point to enhance color, achieve brighter whites and even add digital paint brush strokes to improve and stylize your painting. This digitizing technique is ideal for watercolor artists, but also works well with artwork made in other mediums. 
Art Journaling with Gelatos
Mou Saha
Mou Saha loves to make mixed media art with gelatos (and no, we’re not talking about ice cream). Gelatos are watercolor sticks that come in chapstick-like tubes, perfect for creating richly layered art journal pages. Mou begins this class by showing how to create a vibrant background using collage and stamps, then she creates patterns and depth with gelatos and stencils to build unexpected designs. Create a focal point on each page with drawings and add text layers with paint or a brush tip marker. By the end of this class, you’ll have the skills you need to create fanciful pages bursting with color and texture. 
Crocheted Summer Bag
Edie Eckman
This quintessential summer bag is made using several crochet stitch patterns that come together to form a textural sampler. Whether you choose a cheerful summery color or a nautical neutral, this bag will become your go-to everyday tote. And best of all, the size of the bag can be made smaller or larger simply by choosing a lighter weight or bulkier weight yarn -- no pattern adjustments required.
Make a Macramé Wall Hanging
Emily Katz
Modern macramé artist, Emily Katz, teaches how to make her signature bohemian wall hanging. This artwork is built upon a piece of found driftwood, and uses thick cotton rope and one simple knot to create an overall pattern. Throughout the class, Emily shares ideas for adjusting the repeated pattern and the size of the piece to create a custom wall hanging, perfect for you and your space.
Free-Motion Quilting
Sue Nickels
See how expert quilter, Sue Nickels, transforms a traditional Amish quilt top in this three-part free-motion quilting course. Not only will you learn how to design your own quilting patterns, but also how to create templates, trace patterns, and transfer designs to your quilt.. Along the way, you’ll learn a wealth of free-motion quilting wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or brand new to machine quilting, you are sure to find this course filled with helpful instruction and inspiration.
Log Cabin Quilting: Improvised Wonky Blocks and Sewing a Tote Bag
Susan Beal
Once you know the rules of log cabin quilting, you can break them! In this final episode, Susan shows you fun ways to improvise log cabin techniques to make "wonky" blocks. She then ends the course with an eye-catching tote bag featuring colorful, improvised quarter log cabin blocks.

What will you learn:
– Wonky log cabin block piecing
– Topstitching
– Box corners and simple tote bag construction
– Lining a tote bag
Paper Wedding Crafts: DIY Fans
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia shows crafters how to make scalloped, frilly paper fans that are perfect for a wedding day or backyard party. Lia shares two ways to make fans – a fold-up version made with a Cricut Explore cutting machine, and a version that is made by hand with paper punches and a scoring tool. Both versions are made using pretty paper and simple fold-and-glue techniques.
Doorway Puppet Theater
Amelia Strader
Amelia’s homemade puppet stage will inspire creativity and giggles from kids of all ages. Lightweight and easy to custom-fit for any doorway, the stage is decorated with cheery curtains, paper, and pennant flags. Perfect for showcasing pint-size playwrights. To make your very own puppets, check out Amelia's Felt Puppet Avatars class here on Creativebug.
Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket
Christine Schmidt
The secret to this hand-stamped picnic blanket is humble root vegetables that have been turned into stamps. In this workshop, Christine Schmidt talks about selecting vegetables, carving them, and applying them to turn a simple length of canvas into a cheerful picnic blanket. To learn how to create your own stamp pad, watch Christine's class DIY Stamp Pad on Creativebug.
The Wilton Method®: Slice and Bake Cookies
Wilton Instructors
Learn how to transform classic sugar cookie dough into festive cookies for any occasion. Emily Tatak from Wilton begins by showing you how to make cookie dough in a variety of colors and flavors. After assembling the colored dough into layers, you'll roll up the dough, slice it into colorful pinwheels, and bake in the oven to create playful, vibrant multi-layered cookies. You will also learn how to decorate your baked goods using candy melts, sprinkles, candy, or any other edible decorations, for cookies you'll love to make in any season.