Total Time: 8 hours 41 mins 35 secs
Kick summer into high gear with a vibrant mix of brand new classes and Creativebug classics. Envision yourself learning needlepoint on the front porch, braiding 5-strand friendship bracelets on the dock, or making a leather-bound travel journal to take on your summer adventures. You bring the lemonade, we’ll provide the inspiration.
June Lookbook Promo // 2017
Get a sneak peek of our all-new releases alongside a few of our all-time favorite classes: 5 Strand Braid Crafts - Coming June 7 * Art Journaling: Mixed Media on Paper - Coming June 14 * Needlepoint Sampler - Coming June 21 * Traveler’s Journal - Coming June 28 * Color Image Transfers on Wood * Accordion Photo Album * Canning the Best Blueberry Jam * Kids Blouse * Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket Birds of a Feather Maxi Skirt Hand-Built Ceramics 

Five-Strand Braid Crafts
Anne Weil
Harken back to your summer camp days and learn how to master the five-stranded braid. Anne Weil shares the standard technique for working this fancy braid and then shows how it can be applied to bracelets, belts, and straps. You’ll learn how to create the grownup version of a friendship bracelet by attaching your braid to a leather band and finishing it off with jewelry hardware. You’ll also learn how to use twine to create a belt, and how to use leather cording to create a seven-strand wristlet key fob. Once you get the hang of this simple braiding technique, you will be able to braid just about any type of fiber, be it yarn, rope or floss.
Art Journaling: Mixed Media on Paper
Mou Saha
Join designer, coloring book author, and our Daily Drawing Challenge contest winner, Mou Saha, in an artistic exploration of mixed media materials on single art journal pages. Learn how to create rich, layered backgrounds using dyes, draw everyday objects in a simplified form, and add stamped letters to document your day or record an observation. Once you’ve created a focal point, you’ll learn how to finish your pages with doodled details and dimensional elements. Whether you're new to art journaling or a seasoned mixed media artist, you’ll enjoy this playful and experimental way of approaching art. 
Needlepoint Sampler
Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner ushers in a new era of modern needlepoint in this foundational course. Anna gets you started with the basic stitches, then shows how to fill in your sampler with decorative geometric and floral stitches. You’ll learn how to customize your layout, adapting stitches to fill space and introducing new colors along the way. In the end, you'll have the skills to create and compose any needlepoint project.
DIY Traveler's Journal
Faith Hale
Create a gorgeous leather-bound traveler’s journal to take on all of your adventures. Perfect for drawing, sketching or writing, this easily customizable notebook is simple to construct and sturdy enough to take on travels. Bookbinder, Faith Hale, demonstrates how to create pamphlet-stitch booklets to insert in your notebook, and how to work with thick leather to create a durable cover. You’ll also learn how to add an elastic closure and give the leather cover a professional finish without the investment of leatherworking tools. Best of all, when you fill up your journal pages, you can easily add new booklets to your leather cover and keep on journaling.
Color Image Transfers on Wood
Courtney Cerruti
Turn those small, intimate moments from life into a permanent treasure by transferring them onto wood. Working with photos printed out on laser copies, Courtney Cerruti shows you how to create the transfers, offering a few different finishing techniques to customize your miniature works of art. The wood adds luminosity and brings out the beautiful, muted colors in your photograph. Learn more about laser copies here.
Accordion Photo Album
Jody Alexander
Get pictures off of your phone or computer and turn them into a beautiful handmade album. Jody shows you how to create an accordion album that is as unique as your photo collection and can be customized with different ways to attach photos and text. This entry-level bookmaking project turns photos into a work of art that can be displayed, given as a gift, or tucked away for posterity.

Canning the Best Blueberry Jam
Karen Solomon
In this class, our resident jamming expert, Karen Solomon, shares a simple recipe for a classic favorite: blueberry jam. Karen demonstrates exactly how to make this stove-top recipe, and she also walks you through the basics for properly canning the jars, ensuring a long shelf-life. If you would like to veer away from the classic, Karen provides lots of ideas for add-in flavors, like fruity liqueurs, fresh herbs, citrus zest and extracts.
Kids Blouse: Mousie Blousie
Heather Ross
This eensy blouse is loaded with charming details, including the front tab and the back button placket. The clean lines of the design mean this blouse will work with any fabric – including lively prints. Heather designed this for her daughter, and the love shows – with a facing that adds a finished touch and shows off a corresponding print, and the pops of color throughout.
Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket
Christine Schmidt
The secret to this hand-stamped picnic blanket is humble root vegetables that have been turned into stamps. In this workshop, Christine Schmidt talks about selecting vegetables, carving them, and applying them to turn a simple length of canvas into a cheerful picnic blanket. To learn how to create your own stamp pad, watch Christine's class DIY Stamp Pad on Creativebug.
Birds of a Feather Maxi Skirt
Anna Maria Horner
When you follow this skirt tutorial with Anna Maria, not only will you finish with a stunner of a bias cut maxi skirt that will take you into fall and beyond – but you will also learn a bundle of techniques. Anna Maria shows you how to draft and sew a maxi skirt based on your own body measurements, as well as how to strip piece fabric to make the feathers, and then needle-turn applique them around the hem.
Hand-Built Ceramics
Linda Fahey
Learn how to create beautiful ceramic vessels at home without a potter's wheel. California ceramicist and designer Linda Fahey shows you every step of setting up a studio at home, and then demonstrates three methods for hand-building pottery. Along the way, she covers creating and attaching handles and even provides an introduction to glazing and firing. This three-part course covers all of the essential information you need to know to play with clay in your home studio.