April Lookbook // 2018
What will you make this April? Watch this quick promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases and seasonal favorites. Click here to watch all of the classes shown in the promo.
Make an Altered Box
Mou Saha
Learn how to make a customizable keepsake box, ideal for storing your loose art journal pages and small works of art. Designer and avid art journaler, Mou Saha, shows you how to transform a plain paper mache box into a magical book-like box using collage, stencils, paints and stamps. The finished box will be just as gorgeous as the art journal pages you’ll store inside. Downloadable bookplate PDF included with class.
Daily Art Challenge: 30 Flowers in 30 Days
Pam Garrison
Become endlessly inspired with avid art journaler, painter, and artistic explorer, Pam Garrison. On this month-long journey into botanicals, Pam dances from one medium to another via daily prompts that will keep you on your toes. Working at different scales on a wide variety of surfaces, Pam explores the many technique one can use to express a flower. Along the way, Pam shares her passion for painting and drawing flowers, encouraging you to play with pens, markers, watercolor, acrylics and whatever you have on hand to create and capture magnificent blooms.

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Wardrobe Basics: Sewing Tunic No. 1
Sonya Philip
This simple tunic with drop sleeves and patch pockets can be easily modified to make a veritable wardrobe of garments. Known for her pattern line “100 Acts of Sewing,” Sonya Philip shows how to work through the basic tunic pattern, which features handmade bias tape on the neckline and double-fold hems on sleeves and edges. She then goes on to show how to use the base pattern to make an empire-waist tunic with a gathered skirt and tie-backs and a jacket. The pattern also features cutting lines to make a shorter, shirt-length garment. Experiment with colors and textiles to add your own personal spin on this universally flattering garment. Downloadable PDF included with class in sizes ranging from XS – 4XL.
Coming April 25
Sew a One Hour Top
Fancy Tiger
Learn how to make the easiest jersey shirt ever with Fancy Tiger Crafts. Dream team Amber and Jaime teach you how to create a “One Hour Top” beginning to end on a sewing machine – but they also show you how to sew the seams with a serger if you so desire. This wardrobe staple is ideal for everyday wear and works up beautifully (and quickly) in a solid knit or a fun print. (Sizes range from 32" - 45" bust.)
Simplicity Sewing: Classic Denim Apron
Michele of Simplicity
Learn how to make a professional looking shop apron featuring ample pockets and crisscross straps with Michele Muska of Simplicity Patterns. Based on a vintage apron pattern, this classic design has been updated for the modern sewist and is available in three different versions for men, women and kids (Simplicity Pattern #8151). Equally at home in the wood shop, the painting studio, or the kitchen, we’ve dubbed this versatile cover-up the official apron of Creativebug.
Stencil and Sew a Makeup Bag
Anna Joyce
Creating your own stencil for hand-printing fabric is surprisingly simple and lends a personal touch to this easy-to-sew bag. In this quick class, designer and artist Anna Joyce walks you through creating and working with stencils as well as fun sewing techniques for working with gussets, zippers and leather. As a bonus, the materials needed for this project will set you up for countless future stenciling endeavors.
Color Wheel Basics: Working with Paints and Colored Pencils
Molly Hatch
Learn how to mix and manage colors in this artistic primer course. Illustrator Molly Hatch explains how the color wheel works, showing how to mix secondary and tertiary colors using primary colors, and how to mix tints and shades. Finally, she demonstrates how to create a personalized palette for your artwork with a fun coloring book page exercise (PDF included with class).
Crochet Shawl Workshop
Marly Bird
Marly Bird is passionate about crocheted shawls. In this three-part series, she offers up big-time knowledge with healthy doses of enthusiasm and sass. Using three classic shawl shapes—side-to-side, crescent, and top-down triangle—she shows you how to make three distinctly different designs. These patterns are perfect for customizing and ideal for building skills. Once you understand these classic templates, it’s easy to create your own unique designs using any yarn and hook size you please. 
Knitted Puppy and Kitty
Fancy Tiger
This sweet and simple class shows you how to stitch a tiny critter customizable to look like your favorite pet. Amber shows you how to make a knitted puppy, but with just a few adjustments, it’s easy to turn this critter into a kitty. Quick to knit and cute as can be, this adaptable pattern works with any gauge of yarn you have on hand. (Bonus points if you use yarn spun from your own pet.)
Single Block Projects: Quilt Block Pillow
Ashley Nickels
Wondering what to do with all of the gorgeous blocks in our Block of the Month series? Ashley Nickels shows how to expertly set any quilt block in a posh pillowcase, featuring sashing to frame the block and a hidden zipper. She demonstrates the technique using Carolyn Friedlander's Polk Block, but you can use any block you please to create custom pillows for your home. 
Artist Trading Cards
Courtney Cerruti
Artist trading cards are miniature works of arts, created on standard-sized cards and exchanged among artists all over the world. They can be collaged, stamped, stitched, painted or doodled. Explore the possibilities of the small canvas with Courtney, who will teach you a range of techniques for different effects. This workshop is for anyone who needs a little help starting their creative flow, or for the seasoned artist who wants to trade and collect one of a kind art from around the world.
How to Design Fabric
Denyse, Heather & Lizzy
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to design fabric, this series will walk you through the creative process step by step. Learn from fabric design experts Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross and Lizzy House as they share their process from inspiration to finished collection. The series covers designing repeats by hand as well as in Photoshop and Illustrator. We'll also bring you inside Spoonflower’s headquarters and provide candid advice from industry experts on breaking into retail fabric design. Whether you aspire to see your name printed on bolts of fabric, or you simply want to soak up design tips that apply to other fields, this series will inform and inspire.
Natural Dyeing
A Verb for Keeping Warm
Learn the basics of natural dyeing in this two-part course, enabling you to create fabrics and garments in your very own original hues. Kristine uses all natural dyes in her process, and she discusses how to create a variety of shades by using different dyes, fabrics and dye bath times. In the first part of this class, you will learn how to work with silk, a protein fiber, dyeing it a lovely purple shade with Logwood.  In the second part, you will learn how to work with cellulose fibers, dyeing a pair of cotton socks red using Madder extract.
The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake
Wilton Instructors
In this quick class, Emily teaches three easy ways to ice a cake with buttercream: using an icing comb, a fork, and a spoon. Each of these techniques creates gorgeous, textured effects. Use them to decorate any cake, creating a unique, stunning presentation.
Canning Basics: Make Cumin-Scented Pickled Carrots
Karen Solomon
Learn the ins and outs of canning from preserving pro, Karen. In this class, Karen demystifies the canning process, explaining the necessary (and unnecessary) tools and rules for hot water bath canning as well as important safety tips. For first time canners, Karen recommends starting with a pickled carrot, and she provides a yummy recipe for a basic brine. Note that this brine can be used to pickle any veggie you like – consider this your go-to recipe for all of your pickling needs.