Intermediate | 28 min
Taught by Wendy Bernard
Wendy shows knitters a quick and easy way to whip up a personalized sweater for your dog using two knitted rectangles. Using nothing more than your dog’s measurements and a gauge swatch, you’ll do a little math and then start casting on. This class is a perfect stash-buster — simply use yarns in a similar gauge to make a fun, striped motif. The sweater can be customized for any size dog by adjusting the number of cast on stitches and the quantity of yarn.
Learn how to:
  • Take your dog’s measurements
  • Write a customized pattern
  • Knit the sweater pieces
  • Seam the sweater with mattress stitch
  • Pick up stitches and work collar
What you’ll get:
  • Detailed class by expert knitwear designer Wendy Bernard on making a cozy knitted dog sweater
  • 5 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Step-by-step instruction and a detailed supply list
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

Knit Sweater
Finish Sweater
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Worsted-weight superwash yarn such as Ewe Ewe Wooly. Wendy uses 2 skeins for a small dog (approximately 200 yards). Adjust yardage depending on size of dog.
  • Double-pointed needles in size to match desired gauge (Wendy uses size US 6)
  • Straight or circular needles in size to match desired gauge (Wendy uses size US 6)
  • Tape measure
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
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St. Patrick's Day Spirit
Mod Stripes Quilt Top
Heather Jones
This is a simple quilt with a strong impact. Heather achieves her clean, fresh design through strip-piecing – a shortcut where you cut and sew long strips of fabric together, then cut them into blocks. You’ll also learn how to add sashing. And because this is a lap-size quilt, it’s perfect for beginning quilters looking to build confidence and pick up techniques while creating a stunning modern quilt.

What you will learn:
— Strip patchwork piecing
— Sewing an even 1/4” seam
— Marking and managing quilt blocks
— Creating a quilt backing
Knit a Log Cabin Shawl
Norah Gaughan
This fun-to-knit shawl has the appearance of a log cabin quilt, with long rectangles fitted together in intricate patchwork. Though it may look as though the pieces are sewn together, this shawl is worked seamlessly by picking up stitches and working textured sections. Norah brings her clever design sense to this construction, always challenging the limitations of what is possible in knitting.
Riff Hat
Cirilia Rose
Learn how to design your own hat by riffing off a basic pattern with minimal shaping and finishing. All you need are simple math skills and your inner designer. Cirilia teaches you how many stitches to cast on, how to knit in the round, work the body of the hat in an offset rib pattern – as well as binding off and finishing. She also teaches a few stitch variations so you can pick your favorite design and create your own original hat.
One Skein Crochet Scarf
Debbie Stoller
This project proves just how well a few easy crochet stitches can yield an impressive-looking result. Even if you've never crocheted before, you can take on this wonderful, simple project, with Debbie’s expert guidance. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can complete it – with just a single ball of yarn. Pattern included!
Resist Painting Techniques with Watercolor
Yao Cheng
Explore the versatility of masking fluid with watercolor artist Yao Cheng. Yao demonstrates a number of ways you can use resist techniques with watercolor, including abstract and representational patterns using brushes and a pen nib. Then she shows you how to let the watercolors flow over the masking fluid, creating gorgeous backdrops for your resist patterns.
Custom Book Cloth
Jody Alexander
Learn how to turn sentimental or special fabric into custom book cloth for your handmade books. Jody explains which fabrics work best, and shows the traditional Japanese technique of backing fabric with washi paper to create a durable book cloth that can be used to create hardcover books and personalize your book projects.

Suminagashi Ink Marbling
Jody Alexander
Suminagashi, or “floating ink,” is an ancient paper marbling technique that involves alternating ink and a resist to create a beautiful sequence of rings. The effect can be subtle or more pronounced, and the resulting prints can be used for book and art projects. One lovely aspect of this process is how unpredictable it is, with the water determining the pattern so you will be surprised every time.
Cricut Crafts: DIY Bookplates
Lia Griffith
In this class, Lia demonstrates how to create monogrammed bookplates in the Cricut Design Space. This project utilizes the “Print Then Cut” feature, so you will begin by printing out the design, and then you will cut out shaped labels using the Cricut Explore. Whether you personalize the books in your own library or create a bookplate for a gifted book, this is the perfect project for all book lovers!
Sewing with Simplicity: Garment Sewing for Beginners
Joy Macdonell
Learning to sew clothes can be intimidating, especially if you’re working with a multi-size pattern. Joy Macdonell of Simplicity Patterns breaks it down for you in this comprehensive course. Learn everything from how to set up your sewing machine and read a pattern to how to create darts, facings and hems—basically, all of the must-know sewing techniques that you'll use over and over again to create your own clothing. This class is the perfect introduction to garment sewing for newbies, and a great way to brush up on your skills if it’s been awhile since you last sewed.
Round Button Cartwheel Pillow
Heather Bailey
In this colorful class, Heather teaches you how to make a fun patchwork throw pillow using a mix of fabrics from her True Colors collection with FreeSpirit. Heather not only shows you how to piece together the front and back of this round, tufted pillow, but also how to make your own piping and fabric-covered buttons from scratch. The real magic happens once the pillow is stuffed and buttons are added to the center, pulling the fabric taut while creating the plush, tufted effect. The end result is a modern take on a classic retro design, sure to add a little flair to your home décor.
Layered Floral Embroidery
Rebecca Ringquist
Combine bright floral patterns and vintage embroidery to create a fabric collage bursting with texture and pattern. Rebecca shows how to create a loose, freeform style of embroidery where more is more. She demonstrates how to blend different fabric prints as a base, then add vintage trims and embroideries – and she teaches several floral stitch patterns that add density and dimension. Once you’re finished embroidering, hang your finished collage on a wall or incorporate it into a sewing project such as a pillow or bag that needs some cheer.
Improvisational Patchwork for Beginners
Heather Jones
Learning how to improvise block construction is a cornerstone of modern quilting. Heather Jones teaches three ways to experiment with improvisational piecing: with a log-cabin block, a stacked-coin block, and with a wonky cross block. This method of creating patchwork is perfect for mixing colorful fabric scraps, allowing you to forget about perfect measurements and straight lines, and learn to play with your creative intuition. At the end, you’ll understand how to combine blocks to produce one-of-a-kind, organic quilts – no “pattern” required.
The Wilton Method: Colorful Dipped Cookies and Pretzels
Wilton Instructors
Stephanie from Wilton demonstrates two different methods for dipping cookies and pretzels: an ombre effect and a striped effect. You will learn how to create a custom color palette with Candy Melts and how to dip the cookies to create clean lines of color. You will also learn how to use decorating bags to pipe Candy Melts onto pretzel rods for the ultimate in no-bake treats. Layering color onto cookies and pretzels is a sure-fire way to wow guests at holidays, birthdays, Halloween and celebrations year round. No matter what you are decorating, the results will be colorful–and of course, delicious.
Rosy Quilt Top
Liza Lucy
Expert quilt designers Kaffe Kassett and Liza Lucy walk you through every step of making the eye-popping Rosy Quilt top. Using vibrant large and small-scale prints, the version shown here is a modern take on the very first design Kaffe and Liza ever created together. Kaffe provides wonderful insights on how the colors and prints work together, while Liza teaches the basics of cutting and piecing the patchwork. Perfect for beginning quilters and anyone wanting to try patchwork for the first time.
Knit a Necklace
Lynne Barr
Make a textural knitted necklace with acclaimed yarn manipulator, Lynne Barr. In this class, Lynne introduces knitters to her CAPS technique, which is an innovative way to Continuously Apply Pieces — or, in other words, knit a sculptural piece with one continuous strand of yarn. The knitted flanges on this necklace are connected to an I-cord tube, which you can customize to make as long or short as you like. Once you get the hang of the technique, it's a quick knit with stunning results.
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Knit a Custom-Fit Dog Sweater
Wendy Bernard
Wendy shows knitters a quick and easy way to whip up a personalized sweater for your dog using two knitted rectangles. Using nothing more than your dog’s measurements and a gauge swatch, you’ll do a little math and then start casting on. This class is a perfect stash-buster — simply use yarns in a similar gauge to make a fun, striped motif. The sweater can be customized for any size dog by adjusting the number of cast on stitches and the quantity of yarn.
Star Book
Jody Alexander
The Star Book is a fun and whimsical book structure with four open spans that act as three-dimensional stages. Tell a story, commemorate a trip or simply make a beautiful object using photographs, found items, drawings and collage. This project makes a great gift, keepsake or artist's book.
Pillbox Hat
Amy Karol
Bring some vintage-inspired sass to your day, without learning technical millinery skills. Amy shows you how to take hat forms, drape and line them with fabric, and add trimmings. The effect can be sixties-cool, jaunty, or anything in between depending on the materials you use. If you think you are one of those people who could never pull off wearing a hat, let Amy show you how it’s done.
Arm Knitting: Make a Cowl
Anne Weil
There’s no better gift to give at the holidays than a cozy, oversized cowl. In this class, Anne Weil shows how to make a simple arm-knit cowl using nothing more than super-bulky yarn and your arms. She even shares a fun variation, perfect for the holidays – a bulky scarf with festive pompom adornments. In about an hour, you can whip up this luxe accessory for the ultimate in handmade gift-giving.
Cabled Afghan
Edie Eckman
Over the course of 12 parts, knitting pro Edie Eckman takes you on a whirlwind adventure exploring the wide world of cables. In each class, you will learn new stitch patterns with a variety of twists and turns, and at the very end, you’ll put all of the blocks together to make a gloriously textured, cozy afghan. Edie presents this afghan in one neutral shade, but you can use whatever colors float your boat for your own unique design.